Saved in a sorting office

Ronnie Johnston’s touching story of conversion to Christ at 27 years of age.

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“The same message all these years, but I only saw it now” (34 min)

Ronnie Johnston (1929-2007) tells the remarkable and touching story of his father’s and his own salvation. Ronnie’s Dad was saved through the hymn “Trust and obey”, a hymn he learnt from his children as they sang it on Sunday afternoon walks, but Ronnie didn’t get saved until he was 27. While his Dad used to breaking bread in Cregagh Street Gospel Hall, Ronnie was 6 streets away playing cards! Ronnie would ‘borrow’ money off his godly father but confessed, “I…

“My Amish religion never gave me any peace” (24 min)

John Miller grew up in an Amish family and community in Pennsylvania, USA. He was baptised and made a commitment to try his hardest to keep the rules of the Amish, but he could never find peace. God brought some people who knew the gospel of the grace of God into John’s life. Through them he obtained a Bible in English. Listen to hear how God revealed Himself to John through the Scriptures and saved a “proud, religious¬† 37 year…

Philip Harding – “Let not your heart be troubled” (27 min)

Philip Harding (1932-2017) grew up in a godly home in South Wales, but in his teen years he learned to gamble, to drink and to dance, though he kept up a respectable image and continued to attend church. But God intervened in his life in January 1951, when a stranger approached young Philip and his friends and challenged them about their sin and danger of judgement. God used this incident to convict Philip of his need of salvation. He was…

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