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Jim Flanigan – The Pre-Tribulation Rapture (46 min)

Jim Flanigan (1931-2014) was saved as a boy of 11 in Belfast, shortly after his mother’s homecall. When his family home was destroyed in the air blitz of May 1941, the motherless young Jim was evacuated from the city. Back in Belfast 2 years later he was taken by a friend to Parkgate Avenue Gospel Hall where he grasped the principle of gathering to the name of the Lord in accordance with the pattern of the New Testament. In 1946…

Gideon – Standing for God in a Difficult Time (42 min)

PART 3 – Jonathan Black preaches on Gideon (from Judges Chs 6-8), a man who stood for God in an age when “every man did that which was right in his own eyes”. Jonathan gives practical ministry on Gideon’s quiet private preparation for the public role that he was later to have as he exercised faith in his God, despite his weakness and fear. Though a “mighty man of valour”, he knew what it was to depend on his God,…

Joseph – A Young Man in a Difficult Situation (36 min)

PART 2 – Michael Penfold preaches on Joseph (from Genesis 37 & 39), a young man who stood for God in difficult circumstances. He overcame the bad influence of older siblings, the unwise favouritism of his father, the betrayal of his brothers and the vice and lies his master’s wife. But perhaps even greater than all of this was his victory over victimhood. He didn’t see himself as a victim. He didn’t fall into self-pity. He trusted in a sovereign…

Standing For God in a Difficult Age (39 min)

PART 1 – Opening a series of biographical studies on young people in the Bible who stood for God in difficult times, Mervyn Hall explains the features of the uniquely difficult “present evil age” in which we now live. He outlines from Scripture 1. the corruption of this age, 2. the charm of this age, and 3. the challenge of this age and gives practical Biblical guidance as to how to walk for God and stand for God at such…

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