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Oliver Smith – “Two Whosoevers” (6 minutes)

YESTERDAY’S VOICES – PART 8 – In 1957, three years before his homecall, Oliver Smith (1883-1960) rose to his feet at the Manchester Conference (Iowa, USA) and preached the gospel for six and a half minutes on “two whosoevers”, from John 3:16 and Rev 20:15. Mr Smith was a uniquely effective and tireless labourer in the gospel who saw many hundreds of souls saved and numerous assemblies planted in Iowa in the first half of the 20th century. (You can…

Albert Hull – “One Unique Unrivalled Man” (22 min)

YESTERDAY’S VOICES – PART 7 – Albert Hull (1936-2015) preached the gospel and taught the truth of God for several decades mainly in Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada and North America. He was a warm-hearted, earnest and much loved servant of the Lord, who was never happier than when he was preaching the gospel of Christ to perishing sinners. Here he is, just 2 years before his homecall, preaching the gospel to a large audience at the “Island…

Jack Hunter – “Enoch Walked With God” (28 min)

YESTERDAY’S VOICES – PART 6 – Jack Hunter (1916-1994) from Kilmarnock, Scotland, was a gifted and much used preacher of the Word of God. A man short of stature, with a tiny Bible and no notes; yet to hear him was never to forget the challenge of the verses he expounded. In this classic sermon on the life of Enoch, Mr Hunter brings the challenge of living to this one standard – “pleasing God”. That was the secret of Enoch’s…

Sydney Maxwell – How I was Saved, Baptised, and Gathered unto Him (27 min)

YESTERDAY’S VOICES – PART 5 – Sydney Maxwell (1919-1993) relates the thrilling story of his salvation and how he saw the truth of baptism and gathering to the Lord’s name. Sydney was willing to go where the Word of God led him, no matter the cost, so when he learnt the truth of the local assembly (under the wing of a “Sunderland” in the Shorts aircraft factory in Belfast) he did not hesitate to go “unto Him, outside the camp,…

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