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Here’s a helpful, encouraging and challenging message on carefree, careful and caring Christianity from Andrew Ussher

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Carefree, Careful and Caring Christianity (27 min)

Andrew Ussher brings guidance and strength from the Word of God to anxious worried hearts in an encouraging word of ministry on carefree, careful and caring Christianity. We all suffer from worries and cares; the question is, how do we cope with them? What should we do when we are overwhelmed with anxiety and fear? How should we respond in a way that honours the Word and magnifies our Lord? Readings: 1 Cor 12:25-26, Eph 5:15-16, Phil 2:19-21, 4:5b-7, Titus…

Preserved Through the Battle of the Somme…

Robert Craig’s (1898-1987) life story is hard to take in. Running away from home in 1914, he “signed up” and joined the British Army. Sent off to France at the beginning of World War 1, he saw action at the battles of the Somme, Ypres and Saint Quentin, and survived 4 full years of conflict. He relates how, time after time, he was the only one who survived an attack, or a shell or some other mortal danger. Returning to…

Paul Thomas’s Testimony of Salvation (49 min)

Living for pleasure, addicted to drink and drugs and the party scene: is there any hope? Does God hear and answer the prayers of heart-broken parents? Yes He does! Listen as Paul Thomas relates his life story, which begins with him rebelling against his Christian upbringing and becoming deeply involved in the “dark side” of life. First cigarettes, then drink, then drugs…the lifestyle associated with the rave scene and events like the Glastonbury Festival. But God! The Lord worked in…

Video Gospel Message

Jonathan Black speaks on the “king of terrors” and the “King of kings” in a video message posted on facebook.com/HGHbicester

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Gene Higgins shares his recommendations – very useful during lock down!

How, Where and When I Was Saved

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