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Part 3 – How to Communicate the Gospel (43 min)

In the third of a 4-part series of messages on gospel communication, Michael Penfold speaks on how to prepare a gospel message. First, the preacher needs to be prepared, then the sermon. Michael outlines the three main genres of sermons before discussing the preparation process and how to structure a message, providing helpful hints that should benefit young men who are starting out.  Readings: Rom 1:16-17, 1 Cor 2:1-5, 1 Tim 4:13-16, 2 Tim 3:15, 4:1-5 (Message given in Northampton,…

“I Said the Rosary Every Night” (34 min)

Butch Paquette grew up in a drunkard’s home in a poor community in Northern Ontario, Canada. After his father left, young Butch’s mother raised 7 children alone, reciting the rosary with them each evening at bedtime. Though an altar boy in the church, Butch became a troubled young lad who ended up spending time in numerous foster homes. Life went from bad to worse, leading to a number of visits to prison. But God worked in Butch’s life and in…

I Didn’t Really Care if I Lived or Died (24 min)

Theodore Chiasson, born and raised in a Roman Catholic home in Cape Breton Island, Canada, relates his story of conversion as a 24 year old young man back in the 1970’s, after hearing the gospel for the very first time. Theodore had a wholesome God-fearing childhood, but at college he went into drugs and ended up disillusioned and empty. Then a Christian witnessed to him and gave him a Bible…and the Lord saved him that same day! (Testimony given in…

The Place (28 min)

Jonathan Procopio preaches on the importance of the place that “God has told us of”. He’s referring to the local assembly and the need to appreciate that this “place” has been revealed in Scripture by the Lord so that we can recognise it and be faithful to it. Jonathan draws this lesson from the picture of Abraham going to the “place of God’s appointing” in Genesis 22:1-18 (Message preached at the Island Conference, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 2013).

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This Thing is From Me

Some years ago, in Hebron Gospel Hall, Ian Jackson quoted “This Thing is From Me” by Laura A. Barter Snow (died 1939). It is a touching and comforting piece of writing that deserves, and will bless, a wide readership. The expression, “This thing is from Me” comes from 1 Kings 12.24. This Thing is From Me by Laura A. Barter Snow (died 1939) The disappointments of life are in reality only the decrees of love. I have a message for…

Few Sophisticated People Believe the Bible – Here’s Why

Psychologist, author and Harvard professor Steven Pinker is one of the world’s leading atheists. In his book, Enlightenment Now (Penguin, 2018), he says: “Few sophisticated people today profess a belief in heaven and hell, the literal truth of the Bible, or a God who flouts the laws of physics.” Pinker is undoubtedly correct, and I say that as a person who believes in heaven and hell, in the literal truth of the Bible and in the miracles recorded in Scripture. Stung…

Arriving in Good Time

I’ll never forget the sight of an exasperated British Airways stewardess, shouting across JFK airport at a Rabbi who, though a few minutes late for his flight to London, England, wasn’t making haste. The ‘final call’ had long passed and he was the last passenger on her clipboard list. As he exited the men’s room and started sauntering towards the gate, the stewardess went into meltdown. “HURRY UP! You’re keeping over 300 people waiting.” I wish I had videoed it…

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