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Willie Trew – Forgiveness (43 min)

Willie Trew (1902-1971) was saved in Lanarkshire, Scotland, at the age of 17, and was commended to serve the Lord full time two years later. He laboured in the 1920’s and 30’s in South Wales with Walter Norris, often conducting series of meetings for 16 weeks or so, usually in pioneer areas where there was no assembly. In later years he devoted himself to the careful exposition of God’s Word. When a famous evangelical preacher came to the UK in…

Witnessing to the “Religious but Lost” (43 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 13 – Jonathan Black gives guidance on effective ways to reach people who are “religious but lost” – the kinds of people who respond to a gospel approach with “No thanks, I have my own religion/church”, or “I’ve always been a Christian”, or “I was born a Christian”. After looking at the UK religious scene statistically, Jonathan outlines scriptural evangelistic responses to give to those who  may profess a belief in God and the Bible, but…

Sign No 8 – The Catch of Fish (38 min)

PART 9 – John Salisbury preaches on the 8th sign in John’s gospel – the miraculous catch of 153 fish. After some introductory remarks about the setting and pairing of the final sign, John divides his remarks into four: the importance of 1. obedience, 2. love for Christ, 3. shepherding and 4. following. He gives an explanation for the counting of the 153 fish, as well as discussing the interplay between two Greek verbs for love (agapao and phileo) in…

Lorne McBain – Gathering to the Lord’s Name (32 min)

In the late 1860s, Douglas Russell came from Scotland to visit his relatives in the Clyde and Valens area of Ontario, Canada. Finding people interested in the gospel, he started gospel meetings and saw many souls saved. He returned the next year and taught them the truths of believer’s baptism and gathering unto the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Fifty were baptized in one day and an assembly was formed. McBains were among those first believers in Clyde. Some…

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