Looking unto Jesus

“the author and finisher of our faith”
(Heb 12:2)

Latest Messages

Gospel preaching (47 min)

EASTER CONF 2021 – Colin Hutchison preaches the gospel from numerous references to heaven in the book of Revelation. Craig Munro continues in Revelation with a look at the Lamb as Saviour and judge (Messages preached 3rd Oct 2021)

The True Evaluation of Things (41 min)

EASTER CONF 2021 – Craig Munro preaches on 2 Samuel Chs 23 (numbers that count) and Ch 24 (counting numbers). He looks at the value of the service of David’s mighty men in their commitment, consecration etc. (Message preached 2nd Oct 2021)

5 Dangers: 5 Resources (53 min)

EASTER CONF 2021 – Colin Hutchison preaches on 1 Cor 10:1-11 where the apostle Paul highlights 5 dangers facing the Christian, and 5 resources God has given us to enable us to overcome, all sourced in the Old Testament record of the dealings of God with the children of Israel (Message preached 2nd Oct 2021)