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Recent Uploads

Norman Mellish – How I Learned the Truth of the Assembly (38 min)

Norman Mellish was saved as a teenager. You can hear him tell the story of his conversion here. Now, in this recording, he tells the story of his life after God saved him, and how he learnt the truth of the local assembly. In his 20’s Norman got caught up in the Pentecostal Movement, and in a dramatic meeting one evening he had an experience of “speaking in tongues” (he gives some examples!). He then spend 5 years mixed up…

Jim Smyth – The Reality of Hell (27 min)

Born in New Bliss, Co Monaghan, Ireland, Jim Smyth (1919-2012) grew up without a knowledge of the gospel. A Christian, who had shown kindness to Jim’s ill father, invited Jim to go and listen to some Faith Mission Pilgrims. Through their preaching, Jim was saved by the roadside at “Coopers Corner” in March 1947 aged 28. Baptised and then received into fellowship with the assembly in Drum, Ireland, Jim would eventually move to England and then to Scotland with employment.…

VIDEO: The Most Common Objection to God – Answered

Of all the reasons people give for not believing in God, one is by far and away the most popular. Ask atheists why they don’t believe in God and they’ll nearly always raise one particular objection. Watch Michael Penfold address both the substance and the motivation behind this obstacle to faith (14 min).

Do You Have a Sectarian Spirit? (39 min)

Jim Flanigan (1931-2014) preaches on “the sin of sectarianism”. Brought up, saved and baptised in a Baptist Church, Mr Flanigan later found that he could not accept a “sectarian name” – Baptist – that divided him from other Christians. He wrote to his Pastor and resigned from the church. At Parkgate Gospel Hall in Belfast he came into local assembly fellowship, which he describes in this message as “the nameless place”. However, Mr Flanigan makes the oft-missed point that while…


You Can Know The Truth

It’s impossible to deny the existence of truth without at the same time affirming it. How come? Well, think about it: to say “truth does not exist” is to make a truth claim! So, what is truth?  Truth is what corresponds to reality. Simply put, truth is “what is”, as defined by God. God is a God of truth; all truth is God’s truth; and no truth exists apart from Him. In His Word, the Bible, God has revealed His…

A Doubter’s Story

The age of traditional letter writing has almost gone and we are all the poorer for it. It was common in a former era, after the death of a well known person, to publish his or her letters. How strange that sounds, now that texting and tweeting have bulldozed thoughtful hand-written communication out of our world. How delighted we should be that a one very special letter from Clement Read Vaughan (1827-1911) to Robert Lewis Dabney (1820-1898) survived and was…

Light for Anxious Souls – George Cutting

George Cutting (1834-1934) was a faithful English evangelist and author, well known for writing the booklet Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment. His other lesser known work – but equally effective – is Light for Anxious Souls, which is reproduced below. This work will be a great help to anyone who is awake to both their condemnation before God and their danger of judgment, and who longs to be saved. Introduction If one thing more than another has weighed upon the heart of the writer…

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