Bible Study weekend

Revisiting Basic Assembly Principles
with John Dennison (USA)
28th Feb to 1st Mar – All welcome!

Recent Sermons

David Kane – Things that Need to be Appreciated (24 min)

David Kane (1922-2015) visited us in Hebron Gospel Hall, Bicester, a number of times and helped us in the ministry of the Word. Saved in Belfast on 5th October 1940, aged 18, on the roof of the foundry where he worked, David immediately began attending a local church. Through reading his Bible, he developed a desire to gather according to the scriptural pattern he saw revealed there. One wet Sunday morning heading home from giving out some tracts he stepped…

John Grant – How I Found the Assembly

John Grant (1942-2020) was a frequent visitor to Bicester and we always enjoyed and were challenged by his ministry. John was from Scotland and travelled widely preaching the Word of God with clarity and energy. A real character, John had a strong sense of humour that was never far away even in the pulpit! Here in this message/testimony John tells the story of his early years, how he was saved and how he found his way to an assembly gathered…

Nehemiah – Finding Opportunities in Days of Difficulty (40 min)

PART 7 – Josh Jacob preaches on Nehemiah, a man who, returning from Babylon with a deep sense of yearning for the glory of God and the welfare of His city and His people, rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem amidst all kinds of difficulties and opposition. Nehemiah fixed his focus (Ch 1), found the facts (Ch 2), formed the fellowship (Ch 3), fortified their faith (Ch 4), faced the foe (Ch 5), fulfilled his function (Ch 6). Readings from the…

David – Making a Mark in Difficult Days (41 min)

PART 6 – Mervyn Hall preaches on the young David – the shepherd, the Psalmist and the armour-bearer. God prepared David as a youth for later public service and leadership in the nation of Israel; but first David had to learn to be alone, to be obscure and to rely up on his God. The test of the battle with Goliath in the valley of Elah would prove the value all that David had learned in private in his walk…

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