Posts from February 2021

Posts from February 2021

The Two Roads Chart

The “Two Roads Chart” is available in two versions: Two Roads Chart – Basic version Two Roads Chart – Full version (The basic version is also available here in the Polish language)    

Chart of Bible Prophecy

A chart giving an overview of Bible prophesy from the beginning of “the times of the Gentiles” until the beginning of the new heavens and the new earth in the eternal state. This chart take a dispensational view of eschatology and is therefore pre-tribulational and pre-millennial. CLICK HERE TO VIEW, DOWNLOAD OR SHARE A PDF OF THE DISPENSATIONAL BIBLE PROPHECY CHART

Jonathan Black’s Bible Book Charts

Full-colour illustrated charts for the books of the Bible by Jonathan Black. Click on each book to view, download or share a PDF of each one. New one added every quarter. Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua Judges Ruth 1 Samuel 2 Samuel 1 Kings 2 Kings The Kings of Israel and Judah 1 & 2 Chronicles Ezra Nehemiah Esther All of the above charts  were originally published  in Precious Seed International Magazine and are © Precious Seed. (Used with permission)

“Assembly Life Experiences” by an old disciple

This book preserves the unique and fascinating record of a group of Christians who were converted in the 1859 revival in Scotland. Through reading their Bibles they correctly concluded that clerisy and denominationalism were unscriptural, and they were led of the Lord to meet together to break bread and depend on Him for gifting and leadership. How the Lord led them and taught them, often through times of difficulty and danger, makes for enlightening and heart-warming reading. Most chapters of…

“Will the Church Go Through the Great Tribulation?” by E.W. Rogers

“Will the Church go through the Great Tribulation?” by E.W. Rogers is a 48 page book that gives a scriptural defence of the pre-tribulation rapture. It is a handy volume answering those who wrongly assert that the church will go through the great tribulation. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD, READ OR SHARE A PDF OF “WILL THE CHURCH GO THROUGH THE GREAT TRIBULATION?” BY E.W. ROGERS

“The Outlined Bible” by Robert Lee

In The Outlined Bible, Robert Lee devotes one page to each of the 66 books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and gives an outline of each book, noting key themes and words and giving the necessary background information about the author, the audience and the purpose in writing. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD, READ OR SHARE A PDF OF THE OUTLINED BIBLE BY ROBERT LEE

John Grant’s Complete Set of 96 Bible Charts

Click here for a set of 96 highly recommended outlines and charts by John Grant. Mr Grant was editor of the Believer’s Magazine from 1999 to 2015. These charts originally appeared in the centre of the BM over a number of years and include outlines of all 66 books of the Bible.  

“Safety Certainty and Enjoyment” by George Cutting

George Cutting (1834-1934) was a prolific author of evangelist tracts and pamphlets. BY far his best know work is Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment, which has been a blessing to thousands of people over many years. It deals with how a person can know for sure that they are saved and on their way to heaven. Mr Cutting gives wise scriptural counsel which has led many to a saving understanding of the gospel of Christ. May you find help from it…

“The Churches of the Saints” by A.J. Holiday

Alfred J. Holiday (1841-1905) authored a number of helpful books during his lifetime. His book The Churches of the Saints, which originally appeared as a series of articles in the Believer’s Magazine in 1902, is a clear setting forth of the truth of the local assembly. A.J. Holiday is especially helpful on the subject of assembly reception. CLICK HERE TO READ, DOWNLOAD OR SHARE A COPY OF “THE CHURCHES OF THE SAINTS” BY ALFRED J. HOLIDAY Here is a brief…

“God’s Way of Salvation” by Alexander Marshall

Alexander Marshall (1846-1928) wrote many tracts and booklets, but, God’s Way of Salvation is his best known. Millions of copies have been printed in over 20 languages. God’s Way of Salvation highlights around 30 questions, excuses and enquiries about the vital topic of God’s salvation and the way to heaven. In answering all of these common issues, Alexander Marshall gives wise scriptural counsel which has led many to a saving understanding of the gospel of Christ. May you find help…

The Secret of the Christian Life

From “Notes on the Pentateuch”, in comments on Deuteronomy Ch 25, Charles Henry Mackintosh (1820-1896) wrote the following profound words: “Earnest and constant occupation with Christ is the true secret of all practical Christianity. It is not rules and regulations that will ever make us Christ-like in spirit, manner and ways. We must drink into His spirit, walk in His footsteps, dwell more profoundly upon His moral glories, and then we shall, of blessed necessity, be conformed to His image.…

What is God’s Ultimate Purpose?

What is the ultimate purpose of God? To what goal is history heading? Commenting on Ephesians 1:19-23, W.W. Fereday (1866-1959) puts it as succinctly as it has ever been put: “Before the ages of time God, in His infinite wisdom and love, purposed to place the whole universe under His beloved Son in manhood, with the Church in union with Him as His body. The grace of this is overwhelming, for the body is composed of sinners, some of them of…

The Christian’s Pilgrim Character

As Christ was a stranger here, His people are to be “strangers and pilgrims” on the earth, not citizens or rulers in it, as if their calling were to earth, either to renovate it or to govern it. It is not that the Christian is to be heedless of the world’s need, or deaf to its cry; indeed, he cannot be, for the groan of creation without finds its response in the experience of his spirit within. But he knows…