TEACHING ON TIMOTHY – Spring/Summer 2019

Between our Easter conference and the summer Gospel Tent we will be working through a series of expositions in Paul’s 1st and 2nd epistles to Timothy as follows:

Apr 4………1 Tim 1 – Mervyn Hall
Apr 11……..1 Tim 2 – Jonathan Black
Apr 18…….1 Tim 3 – Mark Sweetnam
Apr 25…….1 Tim 4 – David West
May 2……..1 Tim 5 – Gordon Stewart
May 9……..1 Tim 6 – Michael Penfold
May 16……2 Tim 1 – John Salisbury
May 23……2 Tim 2 – Peter Scarbrook
May 30……2 Tim 3 – Tom West
Jun 6……….2 Tim 4 – Dan Rudge

All are welcome to attend these Bible teaching meetings, God willing.

Gospel Tent 2019
A month of gospel preaching in the Gospel Tent takes place from 9th June to 7th July 2019, God willing, in a park in Kings End in Bicester, and we are expecting evangelists Andrew Steele and John Fleck to be with us. Further details nearer the time.

We are looking forward, God willing, to having Mr Eugene Higgins with us from October 3rd-6th in 2019 for a long weekend of ministry on the topic of Israel’s journey “from Egypt to Canaan”. More details nearer the time.

CHILDREN’s Meetings – october 2019

Graeme Patterson from Plains in Scotland will be with us for a week of children’s meetings from October 20-25th.

John Dennison (Phoenix, Arizona) will be with us from 27th Feb to Mar 1st 2020 for a long weekend of Bible teaching. More details nearer the time.
easter conference – april 11-13th, 2020

Colin Hutchison (Kinross, Scotland) and Sandy Higgins (Barrington, New Jersey, USA) will be with us for our Easter Conference in 2020, God willing. More details nearer the time.