Saturday Night Monthly Bible Class (2020-2021)

Saturday Night Monthly Bible Class (2020-2021)

Welcome to a series of monthly Saturday evening ministry meetings on the theme of “Scripture 7’s”. These are in-person ministry meetings in Hebron Gospel Hall. We have space for a few extras (on top of our own local folks) so if you would like to attend, kindly let us know by booking in as soon as you can. Please accept our apologies in advance if we are not able to accommodate you due to government social distancing guidelines. Email us on or text 07849 882702 and we will confirm space availability.

31st Oct 2020, 8.00pm – Ian Jackson (7 Days of Creation)
28th Nov 2020, 8.00pm – Peter Scarsbrook (7 Titles of Jehovah)
19th Dec 2020, 8.00pm – Dan Rudge (7 sayings of the cross)
30th Jan 2021, 8.00pm – Josh Jacob (7 Feasts of Jehovah)
27th Feb 2021, 8.00pm – Mervyn Hall (7 items of Tabernacle furniture)
27th Mar 2021, 8.00pm – Tom West (7 Garments of the High Priest)
24th Apr 2021, 8.00pm – David West (The 7 Kingdom Parables)
29th May 2021, 8.00pm – Norman Mellish (The 7 “I am’s” of John’s Gospel)
26th Jun 2021, 8.00pm – Michael Penfold (the 7 Gentile Church epistles)

Further meetings in this series will be listed here in due course, God willing.
The meetings will be recorded and uploaded to our audio page.

Covid guidelines and precautions in brief:

  • Observe social distancing
  • Hand sanitise on entry and exit
  • Unidirectional flow through building
  • Masks to be worn indoors
  • No singing, no food or drink
  • Extractor fans and open windows to maintain good ventilation

Here is a copy of our COVID-19 risk assessment.