Sermons on 1 Chronicles

Sermons on 1 Chronicles

The Christian and Time Management (44 min)

Joshua Jacob preaches on the challenge of personal devotion and assembly commitment in a busy fast-paced world. Reading from 1 Chron 27:25-31 and Eph 5:13-18 Josh majors on the topic of “redeeming the time” and outlines numerous ways in which this can be done and the provision the Lord has made to help us in this great task (Message preached 15th Mar 2018)

Christ – A Great Saviour (36 min)

Eugene Higgins preaches on “Christ a great Saviour”. Reading in 1 Chron 17:16-17 and 1 Tim 1:12-15, Mr Higgins expounds the grace of God to sinners. He weaves his comments around the words of the aged John Newton (author of “Amazing Grace“) who said “I remember two things – I am a great sinner; but Christ is a great Saviour”. The free grace gospel is objectionable to self-righteous people, but it is the only way to heaven! Click here for…

A More Excellent Way (43 min)

EASTER CONF 2016 – John Fleck preaches through 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 and challenges his audience on the issue of love. Love’s preeminence, practice and permanence are all expounded from this chapter. Love is the answer to envy and jealousy, to anger and resentment, to pride and arrogance. Without love we are nothing! (Message preached 28th Mar 2016)

The Assembly and Its Gifts (30 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on spiritual gift in the local assembly (1 Cor 12, Eph 4, Rom 12). He outlines the variety and diversity of gifts and the unity that should mark their use. Gift in the local assembly is given particular attention and practical lessons are drawn from the body metaphor in 1 Corinthians Ch 12. No superiority…no inferiority! (Message preached 15th June 2014)