Sermons on Daniel

Sermons on Daniel

Standing for God in the Crises of Life (30 min)

Jack Hay preaches on the stand for God taken by the “three Hebrew children” – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – in Daniel Ch 3. After some introductory remarks about the background of the passage, and a brief excursus drawing a list of interesting comparisons between Daniel 3 and Revelation 13, Jack draws numerous challenging practical lessons from this story. Are you willing to stand for God in the crises of life? You will need to be marked by “purpose of…

Daniel – A Lifetime of Consistently Standing for God (39 min)

PART 9 – Mervyn Hall preaches on Daniel who repeatedly, throughout his long life in exile, took a stand for God and truth despite overwhelming pressure from the dangerous and godless culture of Babylon. He refused Babylon’s way of living (Dan 1), its worldview (Dan 2) and its worship (Dan 3). Each victory took shape from the previous one as he formed godly habits of spiritual discipline in a far off land. Mervyn applies these lessons to the challenging times…

Daniel’s Prayer of Confession (44 min)

PART 5 – Jonathan Black draws numerous practical lessons out of Daniel’s prayer of confession from Daniel Ch 9 which was answered in the well-known and pivotal prophecy of “Daniel’s 70 weeks”. Jonathan outlines the chapter under four headings: the Man of Prayer, the Motive for Prayer, the Manner of his prayer, and the Message of Daniel’s prayer (Message preached 2nd June 2019)

The Son of Man (38 min)

PART 11 – Joshua Jacob preaches on the Lord’s title “the Son of Man”. After spending some time in Daniel Ch 7 where this title of Christ first occurs, Josh moves on to discuss its occurrences in the Gospels and in the Revelation. Josh presents the title “Son of Man” as a title of humanity, of identity and of royalty, and links it with Christ’s person, pathway, passion and preeminence (Message preached 2nd Apr 2017)

An Overview of the Book of Daniel (43 min)

Dan Rudge gives an overview of the book of Daniel. He looks at it historically, critically, Biblically, analytically, prophetically and practically. Details are given about the 3 invasions of Nebuchadnezzar, the life and times of Daniel, the major visions of the book and a good deal about the critical attacks on Daniel’s writings and how to counteract the same. For a chart of the book of Daniel to go with this message, click here (Message preached 28th Jan 2016)

Daniel’s 70 Weeks (40 min)

Dispensationalism Part 11 – Joshua Jacob looks at the prophecy of Daniel’s 70 weeks (490 years) from Daniel 9, in which chapter we have the Period Designated, the People described, the Place defined, the Purpose determined and the Programme deployed. Israel did not give their land a year of rest every 7th year during the 490 years leading up the captivity in 606BC. So, those 490 years ended in the curse of 70 years of captivity in Babylon. Now God determines…

PROPHECY 1 – Daniel’s 70 Weeks (61 min)

Ian Jackson expounds Daniel Chapter 9 under the heading “The Divine Time Frame for God’s Prophetic Plan”. He explains the meaning of the pivotal subject of “Daniel’s 70 weeks” (Message preached 18th October 2008)

The Second Advent of Christ (40 min)

Jim Baker teaches on the ‘manifestation’ of Christ at the second advent from Revelation, 2 Thessalonians and Zechariah, including what happens to the beast, the false prophet and Satan.

The Great Tribulation (36 min)

Jim Baker teaches on the great tribulation, the sequence of events in the book of Revelation, the four horsemen, the antichrist and the covenant of Daniel 9. He helpfully compares Matthew 24 to Revelation 6.

Daniel’s 70 Weeks Expounded (79 min)

Tom Ledger (1932-2015) gives an 80 minute exposition of Daniel’s ’70 weeks’ from Daniel Ch 9. This passage forms the backbone of prophetic truth, and an understanding of it opens up the whole scheme of prophecy to the Bible student. Mr Ledger gives a thorough explanation of the subject from a pre-tribulational pre-millennial position (Message given 26th Dec 1985)

PART 1 – Daniel’s Image (52 min)

PART 1 of 6 – In the first of a series of 6 messages entitled “A Divine Foreview” Mr Fred Cundick (1907-1975) preaches on the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Daniel Ch 2, which outlines the whole of the times of the Gentiles from the Babylonian captivity until the second coming of Christ. A vital message for the understanding of the whole Bible. (Preached in Bicester in 1973)

PART 2 – The Four Beasts of Daniel 7 (55 min)

PART 2 of 6 – In the second of a series of 6 messages entitled “A Divine Foreview” Mr Fred Cundick (1907-1975) preaches on the “four beasts of Daniel 7), which give another outlines, in a different form to Ch 2, of the whole of the times of the Gentiles from the Babylonian captivity until the second coming of Christ. (Preached in Bicester in 1973)