Sermons on Deuteronomy

Sermons on Deuteronomy

Christ as Prophet (42 min)

PART 5 – Dan Rudge preaches on the topic of Christ’s office as prophet from Deut 18:15-22. He defines what a prophet is, and then distinguishes between Christ as prophet, as priest and as king. He explains how Christ fulfilled the prophetic office, only speaking what He heard from His Father. Dan also gives counsel from Deut 18 as to how to avoid falling for the many false prophets that are moving freely in Christendom today (Message preached 7th Oct…

A Heart to Fear God (18 min)

EASTER CONF 2017 – Jack Hay preached on Deut 5:29 “O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever!” He exhorts his audience to have a heart for God – a reverent earnest attitude in the Christian life at all times and in all things (Message preached 16th Apr 2017)

The Secret of Happiness and “the Just for the Unjust” (50 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong preaches on the secret of happiness: sins forgiven (Psa 32:1), being saved (Deut 33:29) and having one’s name in the book of life (Luke 10:20). John Rogers preaches on how a person can be brought to God – because Christ died “the just, for the unjust”. Clear, direct and forthright preaching (Messages preached 6th July 2015)

Sayings of the Heart – Part 3 (43 min)

Richard Catchpole preaches on the last two of six “sayings of the heart” from Deuteronomy (Ch 18:21 and 29:19). The fifth concerns the serious issue of discerning between true and false prophets; the sixth deals with defiance of the Lord’s words. Numerous pertinent and important issues are addressed in this message (Message preached 25th Oct 2013)

Sayings of the Heart – Part 2 (40 min)

Richard Catchpole preaches on the third and fourth of six “Sayings of the heart” from Deuteronomy (Ch 9:4 and 15:9). The third was a saying based on self-righteousness, relating to how God had treated His people; the fourth was a saying based on selfishness, relating to how God’s people treated each other (Message preached 18th Oct 2013)

Sayings of the Heart – Part 1 (37 min)

Richard Catchpole preaches on the first two of six “Sayings of the heart” that the people of God were tempted to say in Deuteronomy (Ch 7:17 and 8:17). The first was a saying of fear concerning the power of the nations of Canaan; the second was a saying of pride once victory would have been gained. Practical lessons are drawn from these interesting sayings (Message preached 11th Oct 2013)