Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark

Isaac Cherry – Last of All and Servant of All (42 min )

Isaac Cherry (1921-1967) came from Ayrshire in Scotland. He ran a construction firm while at the same time dedicating himself to the teaching of the Word of God and the service of the Lord in connection with “Loan Hall” in the town of Stevenston. He was a master expositor of the Scriptures as you can hear in this message on the Lord’s teaching in Capernaum in Mark 9:33-50. “Verse by verse” ministry may not appeal to some because it can…

Christ in the Gospel of Mark (48 min)

PART 2 – Tom West preaches on “Christ in the Gospel of Mark”. He brings out the main characteristics of all 4 gospels and likens Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to the faces of the 4 living creatures in Revelation Ch 4. In Mark Christ is portrayed as the perfect Servant – delightful, devoted, discerning, not distracted but determined to do His Father’s will (Message preached 14th Sept 2017)

Danger and Deliverance (34 min)

Using the narrative of “the storm on the Sea of Galilee” in Mark Ch 4, Eugene Higgins preaches on “sinners travelling to eternity”. He likens the perilous storm to death, “the danger common to all mankind”, and the quenching of the storm by Christ to salvation, “the deliverance available to all mankind”. Mr Higgins uses the life story of the artist Rembrandt – who painted himself into a picture of the storm on Galilee – as the springboard for this message. Click…

“Three Never’s” and “Eternity” (45 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2016 – Frank Sona preaches on three mentions of the word “never” (Matt 27:14, John 10:28, Mk 9:43) and includes a solemn warning about hell fire, which will never be quenched. Andrew Steele continues with “a sinner leaving time for eternity”, and “a Saviour leaving eternity for time”, as “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (Messages preached 3rd July 2016)

Why This Waste? (34 min)

EASTER CONF 2016 – Dan Shutt challenges his audience not to waste their lives on self, but to “waste their lives” for Christ. Others thought that breaking the box of costly ointment on Christ (in Mark Ch 14) was “a waste” – but any sacrifice for Christ is highly valued and eternally significant. “What the world calls waste, God values highly”. How will you spend the life God has given you? (Message preached 27th Mar 2016)

Christ Available, and John 3:16 (51 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2014 – Ian Jackson preaches on the words of Mark 6:56, “As many as touch Him [Christ] were made whole”. He warms to His theme of Christ the Savious – available, approachable and able. Mervyn Hall follows with a look at John 3:16 under 4 headings: a world worth saving, a Son worth giving, a Saviour worth trusting and a life worth living. Do you have this life? (Messages preached 5th July 2014)

A Loss, A Love and a Link (36 min)

Wesley Martin preaches a solemn and searching message on a loss like no other loss (Mark 8:36); a love like no other love (Gal 2:20) and a link like no other link (John 10:28) (Message preached 11th July 2012)

The Believer and Faith (43 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on “the believer and faith” from Mark 13:28-44. He presses the need for intellectual, emotional and bodily loyalty to the Lord in the face of the world’s attack on our faith (Message preached 19th Oct 2010)

Words of Encouragement (42 min)

Words of Encouragement – Gene Higgins preaches on Saviour’s words in Mark 12:34: “Thou art not very far from the Kingdom of God.” Prepare for a solemn and searching end to this message (Message preached 10th Nov 2008)