Sermons on Nehemiah

Sermons on Nehemiah

Lessons from the Gates of Jerusalem Pt 2 (38 min)

PART 2 – Jonathan Black continues drawing valuable lessons from the rest of Jerusalem’s 10 gates, lessons with regard to suffering, holiness, the Spirit and Word of God, as well as various aspects of the person and work of our Lord Jesus. Nehemiah and the people rebuilt these gates mindful of the heritage that went before them, so they maintained the old original names and restored exactly what had existed before (Message preached 14th Nov 2014)

Lessons from the Gates of Jerusalem Pt 1 (41 min)

PART 1 – Jonathan Black introduces the subject of the gates of Jerusalem from Nehemiah Ch 3. He explains that the 10 gates of the ancient city hold doctrinal and practical lessons for us today. Following the order of the chapter, Jonathan starts at the Sheep Gate and works anti-clockwise around the city, touching on three of the gates in this the first of two messages on the subject (Message preached 6th Nov 2014)

How Long Will Your Journey Be? (42 min)

Gene Higgins preaches on the question, “How Long Will Your Journey Be?” from Nehemiah 2, using it as a springboard to warn about the brevity of life and the sobering reality of eternity. (Preached Thursday 15th Nov 2007)