A Complete Theology of the Gospel (Page 2)

A Complete Theology of the Gospel (Page 2)

The Exclusiveness of the Gospel (29 min)

PART 22 – Mervyn Hall preaches on the exclusive claims of the gospel. He deals with the issue of whether people who have never heard the gospel can still get to heaven. Rob Bell’s universalist book “Love Wins” is addressed, as is pluralism and inclusivism in general (Message preached 3rd July 2011)

Remission of Sins (26 min)

PART 21 – Josh Jacob outlines the Biblical truth of the “remission of sins”. He speaks of the why, what, Who, how and when of remission. At the close he takes up the question of the nature of the payment made at the cross for our forgiveness (Message preached 26th June 2011)

Redemption (28 min)

PART 20 – Mervyn Hall expounds the truth of redemption, which he defines as “to deliver in full by buying back”. Different Bible root words are examined as the truth of sinners being set free from the slave market of sin is examined (Message preached 19th June 2011)

Reconciliation (21 min)

PART 19 – Josh Jacob takes up the subject of reconciliation. While God has been propitiated, it is man that must be reconciled. Josh outlines the barriers to reconciliation that were removed at the cross, allowing former rebels to become friends of God (Message preached 12th June 2011)

Justification by Faith (24 min)

PART 18 – Michael Penfold preaches on “justification”. He clears up the Reformed confusion which says that the righteous life of Christ is imputed to the sinner, explaining instead that “righteousness from God” is imputed on the basis of the death of Christ (Message preached 5th June 2011)

The Cross, Blood and Death of Christ (24 min)

PART 16 – Mervyn Hall outlines the doctrinal meaning behind the cross, the blood and the death of Christ. The fine distinctions between these themes are explained, but care is taken to show that they form a glorious whole as to the finished work of Christ (Message preached 22nd May 2011)

Why The Cross? (27 min)

PART 15 – Mervyn Hall preaches on the necessity of the cross and the suitability of Christ as Saviour. Both Christ and His cross were divinely appointed and prophetically predicted. Mervyn explains why God’s remedy, “Christ crucified”, is the only way to heaven (Message preached 15th May 2011)

Regeneration (22 min)

PART 14 – Josh Jacob preaches on the vital and fundamental Biblical doctrine of “regeneration”. He outlines the need to be born again, the nature of the new birth and the results of the new birth (Message preached May 8th 2011)

The Judgment of God (24 min)

PART 12 – Michael Penfold preaches on the vital subject of the judgment of God – its reality, solemnity, eventuality, unavoidability, accuracy and finality. He speaks of God’s wrath approaching, accumulating, abiding and appeased (Message given 17th April 2011)

God’s Right to Judge Sin and Sinner (23 min)

PART 11 – Mervyn Hall expounds upon the theme of God’s eternal, creatorial and legal right to judge sin and sinners. He outlines three results of God’s holy character and His righteous demands against sin – death in Adam, eternal punishment, and the propitiatory satisfaction made in the death of Christ on the cross (Message preached 20th Mar 2011)

The World’s False Measures of Justice (30 min)

PART 10 – Mervyn Hall examines 4 of the world’s false philosophies – utilitarianism, libertarianism, Kantianism and Aristotelianism – and explains how these systems of thought have corrupted sinful man’s view of God’s justice and His judgment on sin (Message preached 13th Mar 2011)