Easter Conf 2007

Easter Conf 2007

Distinctive Assembly Principles (38 min)

Sandy Higgins gives clear and comprehensive teaching on the distinctive principles of a New Testament assembly, outlining all of its basic essential features and functions (Ministry given Easter Monday 9th April 2007)

The Righteousness of God (50 min)

Ian Jackson expounds on the righteousness of God from the epistle to the Romans and gives an excellent 50 minute explanation of how the gospel should be preached (Ministry given Easter Monday 9th April 2007)

Help Lord for the Godly Man Ceaseth (50 min)

Ian Jackson preaches a stirring and challenging message on ‘the godly man’ and how to live a godly life from the text, “Help Lord for the godly man ceaseth” – Psalm 12:1. Well worth a listen. Only one life ’twill soon be passed, only what’s done for Christ will last. (Ministry given Easter Monday 9th April 2007)

How to Order a Godly Home (45 min)

Sandy Higgins gives 45 minutes of wise counsel on how to order a godly home. Basing his remarks on the home of Zacharias and Elizabeth from Luke 1, Sandy touches on personal spirituality, finding a partner in life, the roles of men and women, and the raising of children. Sandy brings many years of experience to this vital subject, as a father, doctor and assembly elder (Ministry given Easter Monday 9th April 2007)

Developing a Christian Worldview (45 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on the importance of developing a true ‘Christian worldview’. It’s vital to understand that the world looks at life totally differently from the way in which a Christian should (Ministry given Sunday 8th April 2007)

Difficulties in Building for God (26 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on ‘difficulties in building for God’ from the book of Nehemiah. He draws parallels between the problems Nehemiah faced and those we face today in building up local assemblies (Ministry given Easter Saturday 7th April 2007)

That They May Be One (40 min)

Ian Jackson preaches on the meaning of the statement ‘That they may be one’ (from John 17) and gives a much-needed warning against the Ecumenical Movement, which misuses this statement of Christ (Ministry given Easter Saturday 7th April 2007)