Easter Conf 2009

Easter Conf 2009

EASTER CONF 2009 – Christ & His Coming (41 min)

Albert Hull preaches on “Christ and His compassion” and “Christ and His coming”. Mr Hull’s series on the person of Christ was a real treat to listen to. It was delivered with warmth and freshness (Message preached Easter Monday 13th April 2009)

EASTER CONF 2009 – Assembly Commitment (37 min)

Are you committed to your local assembly? That’s the subject of this important message from David Gilliland based on the ancient story of Joshua & the Gibeonites in Joshua 9. Very challenging material (Message preached Easter Monday 13th April 2009)

Victory Over Secret Sin, and the Pursuit of Holiness (41 min)

David Gilliland delivers a searching word of ministry on victory over secret sin and on the pursuit of holiness based on Joshua’s destruction of the 5 kings in Joshua Ch 10. He touches on the dangers of the internet, and much else, in this powerful and effective message that will repay careful listening (Message preached Easter Monday April 13th 2009)

Only One Life: Christ and His Claims (40 min)

Albert Hull (1936-2015) had a unique delivery, full of earnestness and warmth. Closing our 2009 Easter conference, he took up the life and testimony of Enoch as he pressed “Christ and His claims” upon us. We have only one life, it will soon be passed; only what’s done for Christ will last. (Message preached Easter Monday 13th April 2009)

EASTER CONF 2009 – Christ & His Church (27 min)

Albert Hull preaches another powerful message on “Christ and His Control” and “Christ and His Church” [Apologies – the last 5 minutes were lost due to a recording fault] (Message preached Easter Sunday 12th April 2009)

EASTER CONF 2009 – Christ & His Creation (31 min)

Albert Hull took up the person of Christ each time he spoke over the Bicester Easter Conference weekend in 2009. He started with a heart-warming message on “Christ and His Creation” and “Christ and His Cross”, delivered with joy and power. Enjoy! (Message preached Easter Saturday 11th April 2009)

“Lord: Send Revival” (44 min)

Albert Hull (1936-2015) from Canada, just after the great financial crash of 2008, rose to his feet at our 2009 Easter conference and reminded us that God is still on the throne. Though the world and its media are full of doom and disaster, God is a restoring, reviving and rejoicing God who can bring the refreshing dew of heaven to our hearts, our homes and to our nation. Mr Hull delivers a stirring call for revival that will warm…