Report on Wembley, London (45 min)

Nitish Patel gives an encouraging report of the Lord’s work in Wembley, London, where he is involved in an outreach to the large Asian population there and where a few souls have been saved and delivered from darkness, in the midst of discouragements and opposition (Report given 24th Apr 2014)

Report of the Lord’s Work (52 min)

Robert Plant gives a report of the Lord’s work in which he is involved in Northern Ireland. He speaks of gospel outreach in numerous forms – preaching the gospel in the open air, bringing the gospel to children, taking a gospel trailer to various shows and various publishing ventures – 52 min (Report given 18th Oct 2012)

Olympics Report (50 min)

REPORT – Johnny Black reports on gospel work carried out at the 2012 Olympics in London. A fascinating insight into gospel outreach in various parts of London, including open air preaching in Trafalgar Square (Report given 29th Aug 2012)

Report on Eastern Europe (42 min)

Martin Baker gives a missionary report on the Lord’s work in Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and Bulgaria. Martin has been going to these places for many years, back to when they were closed communist countries (Report given 9th Sept 2010)