Fundamental Gospel Doctrines

Fundamental Gospel Doctrines

What is Propitiation? (26 min)

PART 17 – Psychologists like Maslow held that humanity’s ills are due to “unmet needs”. His proposed remedy was a self-esteem boost. Michael Penfold expounds how the gospel meets the real need of the sinner – cleansing, justification, reconciliation etc. – all of which are based on the propitiation made at the cross (Message given 29th May 2011)

The Doctrine of the Cross (40 min)

THE CROSS & REDEMPTION – Joshua Jacob preaches on the twin subjects of the cross and redemption. He explains that our ransom was paid to God, not to Satan and outlines the why, the work and the way of the cross (Message preached 3rd July 2008)

The Doctrine of Salvation (55 min)

FAITH & SALVATION – Walter Boyd preaches on the subjects of faith and salvation. He explains that salvation has a past, present and future aspect and reveals nine blessings that came to us the moment we were saved (Message preached 26th June 2008)

The Doctrine of the Afterlife (31 min)

HEAVEN & HELL – Kevin Oh preaches on the doctrine of the afterlife under the headings of Region, Reality, Recompense, Rejection and Relevance. An excellent, clear exposition of the subject (Message preached 19th June 2008)

What is Repentance? (41 min)

REPENTANCE – Michael Browne preaches on the vital doctrine of repentance. He contends there is no salvation without it. He defines the meaning and relevance of this subject in today’s evangelism (Message preached 12th June 2008)

The Doctrine of Sin (37 min)

SIN – Michael Penfold defines the doctrine of sin, outlining its origin, results & scope, as well as explaining its relation to the law & judgment of God. Also included is a look at the believer’s standing & state (Message preached 5th June 2008)

What is Inspiration? (42 min)

INSPIRATION – Joshua Jacob teaches on the subject of the inspiration of scripture. This is a most important, vital and fundamental subject on which every believer must have an intelligent grasp (Message preached 21st June 2007)

What is Redemption? (34 min)

REDEMPTION – Norman Clay teaches on the subject of redemption, outlining the price paid through the Saviour’s precious blood to set free the slaves of sin (Message preached 14th June 2007)

What is Justification? (23 min)

JUSTIFICATION – Gwyn Cummins teaches on the subject of justification by faith, expounding its significance as the way in which sinners are declared righteous before God (Message preached 7th June 2007)

What is Sanctification? (39 min)

SANCTIFICATION – Kevin Oh teaches on the subject of sanctification, outlining the difference between positional sanctification at conversion and ongoing daily sanctification in the life of a believer (Message preached 17th May 2007)

What is Election? (57 min)

ELECTION – Walter Boyd teaches on the difficult subject of election. He pays particular attention to Ephesians 1:4 where the saved are said to have been “chosen in Christ” (Message preached 10th May 2007)

What is Regeneration? (40 min)

REGENERATION – Scott Dunn teaches on the subject of regeneration and expounds on the meaning of the new birth by the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God (Message preached 3rd May 2007)