Gospel Meetings 2011

Gospel Meetings 2011

When I See the Blood (40 min)

GOSPEL – On the closing night of the series, Eugene Higgins preaches on the passover as a picture of salvation. The blood of the lamb made the people safe; the word of the Lord made them sure. Another very clear gospel presentation (Message preached 15th April 2011)

The Cities of Refuge (48 min)

GOSPEL – Eugene Higgins preaches a passionate and earnest message of warning and entreaty, based on the “cities of refuge” in the Old Testament. He urges his audience to “run and live” or “delay and die” (Message preached 14th April 2011)

The Serpent on the Pole (37 min)

GOSPEL – Eugene Higgins preaches on the “serpent lifted up in the wilderness” as a picture of Christ on the cross. He explains why the dying people needed to look, what they looked at and how they looked. A powerful and helpful gospel message (Message preached 13th April 2011)

The Day of Atonement (40 min)

GOSPEL – Eugene Higgins preaches on the power of the blood of Christ to deal with the blot, the barrier, the burden and the banishment of sin, based on the picture of the death of Christ in “the day of atonement” (Message preached 12th April 2011)

The Prodigal Son (39 min)

GOSPEL – Gene Higgins preaches the gospel from the parable of the prodigal son. He contrasts the repentance of the prodigal with the pride of the elder son. Which son are you like? (Message preached 11th April 2011)

The Tax-Collector and the Pharisee (41 min)

GOSPEL – Eugene Higgins preaches on the story of the Pharisee and the tax-collector from Luke 18. One man who went to be seen, another who went to be saved. Two purposes, two prayers and two pronouncements (Message preached 10th April 2011)

The 2 Sons and the 1 Son (38 min)

GOSPEL – Eugene Higgins preaches on the two sons and the one Son in the parables of Matthew 21. He delivers a probing perceptive message, ideally suited to children of believers who struggle to find salvation (Message given 9th April 2011)

The Stronger than the Strong Man (38 min)

GOSPEL – In a weighty message about the deceptive power of the evil one to delude and damn souls, Gene Higgins preaches on Christ as the One “stronger than the strong one” (Satan) from Luke 11:21 (Message preached 7th April 2011)

The Good Samaritan (42 min)

GOSPEL – Gene Higgins preaches on the man who lay half dead on the road to Jericho, a picture of the helpless condition of the sinner on the road to ruin without Christ. He closes with a powerful section called “It doesn’t have to be this way” (Message preached 6th April 2011)

She Only Touched the Hem of His Garment (35 min)

GOSPEL – Gene Higgins preaches on the woman who reached out and grasped the hem of Christ’s garment and was healed. To this picture of faith he adds the narrative of Jairus’s daughter, raised to life by the touch of Christ (Message preached 5th April 2011)

The Deliverance of Legion (35 min)

GOSPEL – Gene Higgins preaches on the deliverance of the demon possessed man named Legion and exalts Christ as the only one able to deliver from the slavery and tyranny of sin. A solemn meeting (Message preached 4th April 2011)

Blind Bartimaeus (36 min)

GOSPEL – Gene Higgins preaches on the miracle of the healing of blind Bartimaeus, drawing pertinent gospel lessons from his poverty and his blindness as descriptive of the helplessness of sinners (Message preached 3rd April 2011)