Gospel Tent 2007

Gospel Tent 2007

Four Last Things and It Is Finished (49 min)

On the last night John McCann preaches on ‘4 Last Things’ and Elton Fairfield follows with a tremendous message on the Saviour’s cry from the cross; “It is Finished” (Messages preached 8th September 2007)

God Is Right (52 min)

Elton Fairfield preaches a message entitled “God is right”, and John McCann follows with a message on Christ as ‘the Ransom’ (Messages preached 7th September 2007)

The Broad and Narrow Way (52 min)

Michael Penfold (standing in for Elton Fairfield) preaches ‘the broad and narrow way’ and John McCann follows with a message about several pertinent Bible mentions of the word ‘once’ (Gospel messages preached 1st September 2007)

Things Opened; Then Cometh The End (45 min)

John McCann preaches on a number of ‘things opened’ in the Bible and Elton Fairfield closes the meeting with a word on the Bible expression, “then cometh the end” (Gospel messages preached 30th August 2007)

God is Satisfied (53 min)

Elton Fairfield preaches on the theme of “God is satisfied” with the work of Christ, and John McCann closes with a message on “the tree, the threshold and the throne” (Gospel messages preached 27th August 2007)

The Question that Won’t Go Away (55 min)

Elton Fairfield preaches a unique message on “The question that won’t go away”. John McCann closed by preaching a solemn message centred around several Bible mentions of the words “the wicked” (Gospel messages preached 24th August 2007)

Sin Taken Away and One Mediator (43 min)

John McCann preaches another clear message on “sin taken away” and Elton Fairfield finished the meeting speaking on Christ as the “one mediator” (Gospel messages preached 23rd August 2007)

God’s Pleasure to Save (48 min)

Elton Fairfield preaches on the theme of ‘God’s pleasure to save’ and John McCann follows with a challenging message on “Are you sure?”, urging his audience to make absolutely sure they are really saved (Gospel messages preached 21st August 2007)
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