Gospel Tent 2012

Gospel Tent 2012

Eternity, Calvary and Maranatha (38 min)

Wesley Martin preaches on three words that occur in the Bible (KJV) only once: eternity, Calvary and Maranatha (Isa 57, Luke 23, 1 Cor 16). He turns each one into a gospel question: “Eternity where?”, “Calvary why?” and “Maranatha (the Lord is coming) when?” (Message preached 20th July 2012)

A Date that Cannot be Changed (37 min)

Wesley Martin preaches on some things that cannot happen. A date that cannot be changed (Job 14:5), a demand that cannot be challenged (John 3:3) and a divide that cannot be crossed (Luke 16:26). A solemn, powerful message (Message preached 19th July 2012)

The Gospel According to Isaiah (39 min)

Wesley Martin preaches on “the gospel according to Isaiah”. He highlights a problem to be confessed (Isa 53:6), a person to be considered (Isa 53:5) and a promise to be claimed (Isa 1:18). Man’s ruin, God’s remedy and man’s responsibility (Message preached 18th July 2012)

Salvation Movements (40 min)

Wesley Martin preaches on “salvation movements” in the Bible – “A Saviour passing by” (Luke 19), “A Sinner passing in” (John 5:24), and “A Soul passing away” (Job 34:20). A clear presentation of the gospel as a final opportunity, a personal opportunity and an eternal destiny (Message preached 17th July 2012)

Life’s Greatest Issues (40 min)

Wesley Martin preaches on “Life’s Greatest Necessity” (Acts 4:12), “Life’s Greatest Certainty” (Acts 16:31) and “Life’s Greatest Tragedy” (Jer 8:20). A powerful, solemn and sobering message on salvation and the possibility of missing it (Message preached 16th July 2012)

The Gospel In a Nutshell (42 min)

Wesley Martin preaches a plain gospel message on the “Problem of Sin”, the “Principle of Substitution” and the “Plan of Salvation” from 1 Corinthians 15 and Acts 16:31 (Message preached 15th July 2012)

The Two “Whosoevers” (43 min)

Wesley Martin preaches on the “Whosoever of eternal salvation” from John 3:16, and the “Whosoever of eternal damnation” from Rev 20:15. A powerful message expounding vital eternal realities (Message preached 13th July 2012)

One Sin, One Soul and One Sacrifice

Wesley Martin preaches on “One sin and its verdict” (Jas 2:10); “One soul and its value” (Luke 15:7), and “One sacrifice and its virtue” (Heb 10:12). In the course of his message he gives a sound, weighty and thoroughgoing exposition of the guilt of mankind (Message preached 12th July 2012)

A Loss, A Love and a Link (36 min)

Wesley Martin preaches a solemn and searching message on a loss like no other loss (Mark 8:36); a love like no other love (Gal 2:20) and a link like no other link (John 10:28) (Message preached 11th July 2012)

The Exclusive Terms of the Gospel (37 min)

Wesley Martin preaches on the exclusive terms of the gospel. The new birth “The one and only means”; Christ “The one and only mediator”, and grace through faith “The one and only manner” from John 3, 1 Tim 2 and Eph 2 (Message preached 9th July 2012)

The Gospel of God (53 min)

On a rainy first night in the Tent, David Castles preaches on a God who looks, a God who loves and a God who listens. Mervyn Hall continues with a plan made in eternity, a price paid in totality and a foundation laid for humanity (Messages preached 8th July 2012)