Historical Recordings from HGH

Historical Recordings from HGH

Daniel’s 70 Weeks Expounded (79 min)

Tom Ledger gives an 80 minute exposition of Daniel’s ’70 weeks’ from Daniel Ch 9. This passage forms the backbone of prophetic truth, and an understanding of it opens up the whole scheme of prophecy to the Bible student. Mr Ledger gives a thorough explanation of the subject from a pre-tribulational pre-millennial position (Message given 26th Dec 1985)

Ecumenical “Crusade” Evangelism Exposed (54 min)

Tom Ledger gives an hour-long exposé of ecumenical “crusade evangelism” of the type conducted by Billy Graham and others in the second half of the 20th century. Mr Ledger, once an enthusiastic supporter of such things, examines both the message and the methods employed at such events, especially the emotional appeals and altar calls that promote “easy-believism” and lead to widespread false profession (Message given 26th Dec 1984)

How The Lord Was Sustained (46 min)

Northern Irish evangelist Albert McShane, on his first ever visit to an assembly in England, gave a unique devotional message on the life of Christ at our August Conference in 1977. He then stayed on for a week of Bible readings and gospel meetings (Message preached 7th Aug 1977)

Scottish evangelist Neil Dougal (39 min)

Scottish evangelist Neil Dougal (Mass, USA) preaches on the ‘face of Christ’. This was a weighty gospel message given during a visit to the UK in October 1973. Neil Dougal had a couple of fruitful series of meetings in the 1970’s in Bicester.

Order in the Assembly of God (44 min)

Mr Fred Cundick speaking at the 1972 Boxing Day Conference on order in the assembly of God. A vital exposition showing that the local assembly operates according to the principles of godly order and Biblical rule (Message preached 26th Dec 1972)

The Local Church as a Body (31 min)

Ben Sutton preaches on the local church as a body from 1 Corinthians Ch 12, explaining how every member is needful for its proper and harmonious function (Message preached in 1972)

The Lordship of Christ (36 min)

For many years Colin Stewart and Will Penfold shared the burden of Bible teaching week by week in Hebron Hall. Here Colin Stewart preaches on the Lordship of Christ. Mr Penfold’s ‘Amens’ can be heard in the background! (Preached in the early 1970’s)
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