Key Bible Concepts

Key Bible Concepts

Gathering Unto His Name (38 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the meaning of the Biblical expression “gathering in the name of the Lord” and its implication for local assembly testimony (Message preached Dec 13th 2007)

Walking in the Fear of God (40 min)

Marcus Hall preaches on the meaning of the Biblical concept of “fearing the Lord”. This is a vital subject and one that is subject to widespread misunderstanding (Message preached Dec 6th 2007)

Walking in the Spirit (42 min)

Gordon Stewart preaches on the meaning of the Biblical command to “walk in the Spirit”, giving helpful guidance for living the Christian life so as to please the Lord (Message preached Nov 29th 2007)

Overcoming the World (42 min)

Peter Scarsbrook preaches on the vital subject of “overcoming the world” from the first epistle of John. Helpful guidance is given on this important topic (Message preached Nov 22nd 2007)