Ministry on Future Events

Ministry on Future Events

Part 6 – The Millennium (55 min)

Part 6 – Prophetic Ministry – The 1,000 Year Reign of Christ – Mr Fred Cundick (1973). There is much confusion today about the millennium and the future of the nation of Israel. This message makes the Biblical position very clear.

Part 1 – Daniel’s Image (52 min)

Part 1 – Prophetic Ministry – A Divine Foreview of Gentile Domination – Mr Fred Cundick (1973). The image of Daniel 2 outlines the whole course of the times of the Gentiles. A vital message for the understanding of the whole Bible.

Part 2 – The Four Beasts of Daniel 7 (55 min)

Part 2 – Prophetic Ministry – The Four Beasts of Daniel 7 – Mr Fred Cundick (1973). The beasts of Daniel 7 give another outline of Gentile history under different figures to Daniel 2, helpfully explained in this excellent message.