The Bible's Contents; Capabilities & Critics

The Bible's Contents; Capabilities & Critics

Fatherhood – A Leader in the Home (38 min)

PART 6 – Gary Woods speaks on the role of a father as outlined in various Bible passages, notably 1 Timothy Ch 3. Much profitable and practical teaching is given relative to leadership, love and the challenge of balancing home, assembly and work life. Wisdom is needed in rearing a family for God especially with the financial, social and technological pressures of the 21st Century Western world (Message preached 14th Feb 2016)

The Christian Wife (37 min)

PART 5 – Daniel Rudge speaks on “the Christian wife”. Under the headings of her dignity, duty, disposition, dress and devotion, Daniel gives a balanced and comprehensive look at the character and role of Christian woman within marriage. He explains the scriptural meaning of equality, submission and virtue, and addresses pertinent points relative to how modern culture throws up challenges for the married Christian woman (Message preached 7th Feb 2016)

The Bible and Marriage (38 min)

PART 2 – Josh Jacob speaks on the topic of marriage from three sections of Scripture: Genesis, Song of Solomon and Ephesians. In a wide-ranging message he takes up the purpose and permanence of marriage, as well as outlining its patterns and principles. He gives helpful guidance on the issue of communication between husband and wife and carefully outlines the roles of men and women in marriage (Message preached 17th Jan 2016)

The Bible and Its Critics (35 min)

PART 3. Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “The Bible and Its Critics”. He traces 2,000 years of attacks on the Bible from ritualists, philosophers, scientists, historians, sects and scoffers and refutes them all (Message preached 18th December 2008)

The Bible and Its Capabilities (41 min)

PART 2. Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “The Bible and Its Capabilities”. The Bible is able to convict, convert, cleanse, counsel and comfort. An excellent, uplifting word of ministry (Message preached 11th December 2008)

The Bible and Its Contents (39 min)

PART 1. Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “The Bible and Its Contents”. He gives a broad outline of early Genesis before tracing four threads through the Bible – humanity, Israel, the Messiah and the church (Message preached 4th December 2008)