The Christian's Relationships

The Christian's Relationships

Relationships Part 5 – Masters and Servants (41 min)

Relationships (Part 5) – Josh Jacob outlines the Bible’s teaching on the relationship between servants and masters, or as we would now say “employers and employees”. Biblical guidelines for maintaining a good testimony in the wordplace (2007)

Relationships Part 4 – Elders and the Flock (50 min)

Relationships (Part 4) – Marcus Hall outlines the Bible’s teaching on the relationship between assembly elders and the flock over which then Holy Spirit has made them overseers. A vital, warm and discerning message from an experienced elder (2007)

Relationships Part 3 – God and Man (42 min)

Relationships (Part 3) – Peter Scarsbrook preaches on various aspects of the relationship between God and man. Personal Christianity rises or falls on the reality or otherwise of this vital, all-important and primary relationship (2007)

Relationships Part 1 – Husbands and Wives (48 min)

Relationships (Part 1) – John Salisbury outlines the Bible’s teaching on the nature, purpose and function of the husband and wife relationship. A Biblical restatement of this foundational, important and creatorial issue is vital and is carefully expounded here (2007)