Sermons by Aaron Colgan

Sermons by Aaron Colgan

Introduction to the Servant Songs (35 min)

PART 1 – Aaron Colgan gives an introduction to the “Servant Songs of Isaiah”. In the latter part of Isaiah’s prophecy it has been noticed that there are 4 particular poetic passages, all of which tell us something about the Lord Jesus, Jehovah’s perfect Servant, who brings blessing to Israel, the nation who had rebelled against the Lord and failed in its own role as the Servant of the Lord (Message preached Apr 30th 2017)

Moses the Intercessor (28 min)

Aaron Colgan preaches on “Moses the intercessor” from Exod 32. He outlines the 3 oft-repeated “steps away from God” taken by people throughout history, and likens the dreadful condition of Israel at the base of Mount Sinai (worshipping the golden calf) to the condition of our nation today. How Aaron and Moses reacted to this crisis revealed the difference between compromise on the one hand and godly firm leadership on the other (Message preached 27th April 2017)

Testimonies of Salvation (49 min)

Aaron Colgan tells how the Lord saved him back when he was a ‘Teddy Boy’ back in the 1980’s and John Stubbs preaches on the power of sin and relates his own testimony too (Gospel Messages preached Saturday 30th August 2008)

The Word of God and Dying in Sins (37 min)

Aaron Colgan begins by outlining the supreme authority of the word of God and John Stubbs closes with a warning based on the Lord’s words in John Ch. 8 – “Ye shall die in your sins” (Gospel Messages preached Thursday 28th August 2008)

Three Truths and Three Meetings (44 min)

Aaron Colgan preaches on three essential truths you need to know and John Stubbs continues with “a meeting in hell” and three other “meetings”. A powerful and solemn evening in the Tent (Gospel messages preached Monday 25th August 2008)

John 3:16 (47 min)

Aaron Colgan preaches on the love and life of God from John 3:16. Mr Stubbs continues with the same text, highlighting the main features of this magnificent verse (Gospel messages preached Thursday 21st August 2008)

The Prodigal Son and the Soul (43 min)

Aaron Colgan preaches on the Prodigal Son and John Stubbs closes by preaching on ‘the soul’ – its redemption, ruin, rest and requirement (Gospel messages preached Friday 15th August 2008)

You Must Be Born Again and 4 Verses (44 min)

Aaron Colgan preaches on “You must be born again” and John Stubbs preaches an unusual but effective message on 4 verses in the Bible that are repeated twice (Gospel messages preached Tuesday 12th August 2008)