Sermons by Alan Summers

Sermons by Alan Summers

The Principles of Praise (41 min)

EASTER CONF 2016 – Alan Summers preaches on the grand subject of “praise” from the final Psalm in the Psalter – number 150. Christians should be people of praise, marked by a spirit of adoration and thanksgiving, both for who God is and for what He has done for us! A message to motivate us to fulfill our primary purpose – to praise our Maker and Redeemer! (Message preached 28th Mar 2016)

Bible Reading in 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 (1 hour 25 min)

If you would like to listen to this recording, please contact us at and request that an audio file of this meeting be emailed to you. EASTER CONF 2016 – Alan Summers opens up 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 and leads the company through this important section of Scripture (Bible Reading from Mar 27th 2016)

Seven Governing Principles (29 min)

EASTER CONF 2016 – Alan Summers preaches on 7 governing principles in the life of the Christian drawn from Exodus Ch 29:1-35. Look for Alan’s seven C’s (Cleansed, clothed, consecrated etc.) as he brings out the typological significance of this great chapter of the Bible and applies it to the Christian life (Message preached 26th Mar 2016)