Sermons by Albert Hull

Sermons by Albert Hull

Albert Hull – “One Unique Unrivalled Man” (22 min)

Albert Hull (1936-2015) preached the gospel and taught the truth of God for several decades mainly in Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada and North America. He was a warm-hearted, earnest and much loved servant of the Lord, who was never happier than when he was preaching the gospel of Christ to perishing sinners. Here he is, just 2 years before his homecall, preaching the gospel to a large audience at the “Island Conference” (in Prince Edward Island, Canada)…

EASTER CONF 2009 – Christ & His Coming (41 min)

Albert Hull preaches on “Christ and His compassion” and “Christ and His coming”. Mr Hull’s series on the person of Christ was a real treat to listen to. It was delivered with warmth and freshness (Message preached Easter Monday 13th April 2009)

EASTER CONF 2009 – Christ & His Claims (40 min)

Albert Hull closes the 2009 conference with a stirring word on “Christ and His claims”. He takes up Enoch as an example of a man who lived and walked with God and challenges his audience to do the same (Message preached Easter Monday 13th April 2009)

EASTER CONF 2009 – Christ & His Church (27 min)

Albert Hull preaches another powerful message on “Christ and His Control” and “Christ and His Church” [Apologies – the last 5 minutes were lost due to a recording fault] (Message preached Easter Sunday 12th April 2009)

EASTER CONF 2009 – Christ & His Creation (33 min)

Albert Hull took up the person of Christ each time he spoke over the Easter weekend. He starts here with a heart-warming message on “Christ and His Creation” and “Christ and His Cross” (Message preached Easter Saturday 11th April 2009)

EASTER CONF 2009 – Revive Us Again (44 min)

Albert Hull from Canada gave the opening word of the Easter Conference weekend. He delivered a stirring call for revival in the hearts, homes and assemblies of God’s people. “Wilt Thou not revive us again?” (Message preached 9th April 2009).