Sermons by Albert McShane

Sermons by Albert McShane

Lessons from Unexplained Trials (42 min)

This is a significant message by the late Albert McShane (1914-2002) on lessons to be learned from unexplained trials. Taking up the story of Job, Mr. McShane describes a man who wished he’d never been born, or at least wished he could now be finished with life. The thing that he feared had arrived – tragedy, and unexplained loss of family, possessions and health. Added to this were the wounds inflicted by his friends. Yet, having lost everything, Job exclaims,…

Albert McShane – Men Who Influenced Me (22 min)

Mr Albert McShane (1914-2002) was a mighty expositor of the Word of God and a much used gospel preacher. Awakened to his need of salvation in a prayer meeting in January 1929, he sought salvation at once. After a struggle that same evening, his thoughts finally turned to John 3:36 “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life”. Considering the death of Christ he realised, “Now if the Son has satisfied God for me, and what He has done…

How The Lord Was Sustained (46 min)

Northern Irish evangelist Albert McShane, on his first ever visit to an assembly in England, gave a unique devotional message on the life of Christ at our August Conference in 1977. He then stayed on for a week of Bible readings and gospel meetings (Message preached 7th Aug 1977)