Sermons by Dan Gillies

Sermons by Dan Gillies

Come unto Me and Shipwrecked (49 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Dan Gillies preaches on the Saviour’s invitation “Come unto Me”. Terry Topley closes with a look at “shipwrecked men” and “drowned men” and safety in the lifeboat of the gospel (Messages preached 26th Aug 2011)

Testimony and Sins Forgiven (52 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Terry Topley tells the fascinating story of his conversion from Catholicism to Christ in Ireland 30 years ago. Dan Gillies finishes with a look at the happiness of the man oin Psalm 32 whose sins were forgiven (Messages preached 25th Aug 2011)

What is Man and the Philippian Jailor (51 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Dan Gillies preaches on the question “What is man?” (Psalm 8) and finds him to be small, special, sinful and saveable. Terry Topley closes with a powerful warning to sinners to awake and repent, and not to tempt God to intervene with an earthquake (Messages preached 24th Aug 2011)

Two Gardens and Three Swords (42 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Dan Gillies preaches on a garden of tragedy (Eden) and a garden of triumph (the resurrection garden). Terry Topley closes with a stirring message on three swords: the swords of government, grace and goodness, from Gen 3, Zech 13 and Isa 1 (Messages preached 22nd Aug 2011)

The Good Shepherd and John 3 36 (50 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Dan Gillies preaches on the promise, passion, pledge and power of the shepherd to save and deliver. Terry Topley follows with John 3:36: difference, division, doubt, danger and difficulty (Messages preached 19th Aug 2011)

D Gillies Testimony and the Love of God for Sinners (46 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Dan Gillies tells his very interesting testimony of salvation as a young Glaswegian in his twenties, and Terry Topley follows with a stirring message on the love of God for guilty undeserving sinners from John 3:16 (Messages preached 17th Aug 2011)

I am the Door and Nicodemus (43 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Dan Gillies preaches on the words of Christ “I am the door”. Terry Topley closes with Nicodemus, a lone man who was longing, listening, learning, looking and finally living (Apologies for hiss on recording. Messages preached 15th Aug 2011)

Paul the Apostle and Levite (24 min)

Dan Gillies takes up the concepts of Paul the Levite and Priest from Romans 1 and shows him handling precious truths such as the humanity and Messiahship of Christ typified in the ark of the covenant & its contents (Message preached 28th March 2005)

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit (32 min)

Dan Gillies outlines five references to the Holy Spirit in Ephesians and brings practical teaching to bear on subjects like the sealing, filling and grieving of the Holy Spirit (Message preached 28th March 2005)

Personal Testimony of Salvation (37 min)

Evangelist Dan Gillies recounts the story of his conversion while at University in Scotland and his call to the Lord’s work. Don’t miss his recollections of the ‘lantern slide nights’! (Message preached 27th March 2005)