Sermons by Fred Cundick

Sermons by Fred Cundick

Part 6 – The Millennium (55 min)

Part 6 – Prophetic Ministry – The 1,000 Year Reign of Christ – Mr Fred Cundick (1973). There is much confusion today about the millennium and the future of the nation of Israel. This message makes the Biblical position very clear.

Part 1 – Daniel’s Image (52 min)

Part 1 – Prophetic Ministry – A Divine Foreview of Gentile Domination – Mr Fred Cundick (1973). The image of Daniel 2 outlines the whole course of the times of the Gentiles. A vital message for the understanding of the whole Bible.

Part 2 – The Four Beasts of Daniel 7 (55 min)

Part 2 – Prophetic Ministry – The Four Beasts of Daniel 7 – Mr Fred Cundick (1973). The beasts of Daniel 7 give another outline of Gentile history under different figures to Daniel 2, helpfully explained in this excellent message.

Order in the Assembly of God (44 min)

Mr Fred Cundick speaking at the 1972 Boxing Day Conference on order in the assembly of God. A vital exposition showing that the local assembly operates according to the principles of godly order and Biblical rule (Message preached 26th Dec 1972)