Sermons by Ian Jackson (Page 3)

Sermons by Ian Jackson (Page 3)

A State of Grace and Types of Ground (50 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2014 – Ian Jackson preaches on the difference salvation makes. It finds sinners in a “state of nature”, brings them into a “state of grace” and finally lands them in a “state of glory”. Mervyn Hall takes a look at the different types of ground in the parable of the sower and makes some challenging points as to where his audience really stands before God (Messages preached 14th July 2014)

Are You Christ’s? and We Must Be Saved (50 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2014 – Ian Jackson preaches on “Those who are Christ’s”. He explains that a person who knows they deserve to be in hell is unlikely to be there; but a person who thinks they deserve to be in heaven will never be there. Mervyn Hall closes with an earnest plea from Acts 4:12 that his audience “must be saved” (Messages preached 12th July 2014)

In Due Time and “After this the Judgment” (41 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2014 – Ian Jackson preaches on 4 Bible occurrences of the words “In due time”, one of which – Deut 32:35 “Their foot shall slide in due time” – was famously preached to powerful effect by Jonathan Edwards on July 8th 1741. Mervyn Hall continues to press this point with a look at Heb 9:27 under the headings, “Man is mortal”, “Sin is fatal”, “The soul is eternal”, Judgment is unavoidable” and “Salvation is vital”. (Messages preached 7th…

His Will – Your Sanctification (42 min)

EASTER CONF 2014 – Ian Jackson preaches on “His Will, Your Sanctification”, and gives a timely and challenging exposition of 1 Thess 4:1-8, highlighting the need for holiness in the life of the believer. He addresses matters of importance amid a climate of moral change in Western culture (Message preached 21st Apr 2014)

Failure Doesn’t Need to be Final (46 min)

EASTER CONF 2014 – Ian Jackson delivers a stirring and sobering warning about the danger of moral failure in the life of a believer. If David can fall (1 Kings 15:1-5), as he did “in the matter of Uriah the Hittite”, none of us can afford to be complacent. Ian also gives a helpful explanation of Christ’s work as “the advocate” who works for the restoration of erring believers (Message preached 21st April 2014)

GOSPEL The Prodigal Son and Few Are Saved (49 min)

EASTER CONF 2014 – GOSPEL – David Vallance preaches on the lostness of humanity from the 3 parables in Luke 15, and Ian Jackson presses home the import of the question posed to the Lord Jesus in Luke 13:23, “Lord, are there few that be saved?” (Messages preached 20th April 2014)

Bible Reading in Hebrews Ch 2 (1 hour 33 min)

EASTER CONF 2014 – Ian Jackson opens up Hebrews Ch 2 and leads the company through a study of this glorious passage which portrays the Son of man as greater than angels in both rule and redemption. A profitable and helpful session of teaching and discussion (Bible Reading from April 20th 2014)

He Endured! (36 min)

EASTER CONF 2014 – Ian Jackson preaches on the endurance of Christ in the face of the “contradiction of sinners against Himself” and urges his audience to likewise endure, looking to Him and considering Him (Message preached 19th Apr 2014)

Personal Devotion, Prayer and Bible Reading (70 min)

Ian Jackson preaches on the biggest thing in the Christian life – a personal consistent walk with the Lord, through prayer and Bible reading. As well as giving helpful hints on the practical side of prayer and reading, he outlines the vital need for devotion and the importance of the Word in our lives, for instruction, growth, guidance, sanctification and discernment (Message preached 9th Feb 2012)

Opening and Contributing to Bible Readings (31 min)

Ian Jackson give guidance as to opening and contributing in local assembly conversational Bible Readings. He explains the need to prepare by studing the context, the verses and the words of the chosen passage. Any brother “leading the Reading” should read distinctly, give a short opening, move the conversation steadily through the verses and ensure with the Lord’s help that everyone goes home helped and edified (Message preached 12th Feb 2012)

The Gospel Message (25 min)

Ian Jackson preaches a “back to basics” gospel message giving a clear, straightforward and challenging presentation of three key Bible texts: 1 Timothy 1:15 – “Christ Jesus Came into the World to Save Sinners” Isaiah 53:5 – “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed.” John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten…

Hints on Conduct in Meetings (53 min)

Ian Jackson preaches on conduct and order in connection with gospel meetings. He touches on practical issues in connection with preaching, such as the use of the human voice and intelligent interaction with one’s audience. In a wide-ranging message, he deals with the need for punctuality, dignity in delivery and dress, avoidance of long public prayers, what kind of hymns are useful, and the impact of sincere welcomes and handshakes. A most practical message. (Message preached 11th Feb 2012)