Sermons by John McCann

Sermons by John McCann

Going for Gold (22 min)

John McCann preaches on “going for gold”. He gives a challenging word on “gold and our worship” (Matt 2), “gold and our work” (1 Cor 3) and “gold and our wealth” (Rev 2). He emphasises the need for quality, not quantity, in service for God (Message preached 25th March 2012)

Report on Gospel Work in Brazil (56 min)

John McCann gives a missionary report on the Lord’s work in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He tells a number of interesting and encouraging stories of souls being saved, in ways that clearly exhibit the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing them to the Saviour, some after long years of prayer (Report given 22nd March 2012)

Four Last Things and It Is Finished (49 min)

On the last night John McCann preaches on ‘4 Last Things’ and Elton Fairfield follows with a tremendous message on the Saviour’s cry from the cross; “It is Finished” (Messages preached 8th September 2007)

Things Opened; Then Cometh The End (45 min)

John McCann preaches on a number of ‘things opened’ in the Bible and Elton Fairfield closes the meeting with a word on the Bible expression, “then cometh the end” (Gospel messages preached 30th August 2007)

Sin Taken Away and One Mediator (43 min)

John McCann preaches another clear message on “sin taken away” and Elton Fairfield finished the meeting speaking on Christ as the “one mediator” (Gospel messages preached 23rd August 2007)

God’s Lamb (27 min)

John McCann preaches a powerful message on “God’s Lamb”. There was a lot of disturbance outside the tent that evening so Mr. Fairfield’s message had to be left out due to too much interference (Gospel messages preached 20th August 2007).

Repentance (23 min)

John McCann preaches an excellent message on ‘repentance’. Mr Fairfield’s message did not record. He followed with the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15) (Gospel message preached 17th August 2007)
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