Sermons by Joshua Jacob

Sermons by Joshua Jacob

7 Feasts of Jehovah (46 min)

PART 4 – In the fourth of our series on “Scripture Sevens”, Josh Jacob speaks on 7 feasts of the Lord from Leviticus 23: the Passover, the feast of Unleavened Bread, the feast of Firstfruits, the feast of Pentecost, the feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement and the feast of Tabernacles, and looks at each one in relation to their significance Christologically – as they relate to the person and work of Christ (Message preached 6th May 2021)

Nehemiah – Finding Opportunities in Days of Difficulty (40 min)

PART 7 – Josh Jacob preaches on Nehemiah, a man who, returning from Babylon with a deep sense of yearning for the glory of God and the welfare of His city and His people, rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem amidst all kinds of difficulties and opposition. Nehemiah fixed his focus (Ch 1), found the facts (Ch 2), formed the fellowship (Ch 3), fortified their faith (Ch 4), faced the foe (Ch 5), fulfilled his function (Ch 6). Readings from the…

Ruth – Committed to the Lord in a Day of Departure (42 min)

PART 4 – Joshua Jacob preaches on Ruth the Moabitess who was marked by commitment to the interests of the God of Israel in a culture and situation naturally foreign to her. She was a disallowed stranger (Ruth Ch 1), a diligent worker (Ch 2), a dutiful pleader (Ch 3) and a destined mother (Ch 4). Josh draws lessons from the life and experience of Ruth to encourage us to overcome life’s difficulties and adversities through faith in the God…

Witnessing to Hindus (48 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 11 – Josh Jacob begins by looking at how the West has been infiltrated by Hindu philosophy repackaged as visualisation, yoga, quantum healing and much else. He traces the history of this phenomenon back to the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in 1893, up through the Beatles in the 1960’s, through to today. He explains Hindu concepts such as Karma, Moksha, Nirvana and Maya and exposes the deception through the prism of Genesis Ch 3.…

The Call (38 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 1 – Josh Jacob preaches on the urgent and scriptural requirement for every single believer to be interested in and to actively pursue the salvation of others. After speaking on the value of “one soul” Josh looks at the programme, passion, power and promise contained in Psalm 126:6 “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him” (Message preached 1st Sept 2019)

David’s Prayer for Pardon (42 min)

PART 4 – Josh Jacob looks at Psalm 51 and examines David’s “prayer for pardon” – a heartfelt confession that followed on from his sin with Bathsheba. The Psalm (v1-10 repentance, v11-15 repercussion, v16-17 redemption, v18-19 restoration) reveals our personal capacity to sin, the 7-fold consequences of sin, and the 3 principles that speak to a “comeback from sin” (Message preached 26th May 2019)

Prayers of the Bible – Introduction (45 min)

PART 1 – From Romans 8 Joshua Jacob introduces a series of messages on “the prayers of the Bible” by a general look at the topic of prayer. After outlining 5 common hindrances to prayer he looks at several ways in which the Holy Spirit enables and helps us to pray. Finally he looks at a number of common questions asked about the nature, purpose and outcomes of prayer (Message preached 28th Apr 2019)

Why I Am Premillennial (35 min)

PART 11 – After some general introductory remarks about the Bible’s prophecies of an “age to come” in which Edenic conditions will be restored, Joshua Jacob explains why he is premillennial in his eschatology. After dismissing amillennialism (no literal 1,000 year kingdom) and postmillennialism (the church brings in the kingdom through the gospel), Josh looks at the second coming of Christ that closes the current age in judgment and ushers in the 1,000 millennial kingdom of Christ – which is…

Why I Am Baptised (37 min)

PART 6 – Josh Jacob preaches on “Why I am Baptised”. He explains the meaning of the word baptism (to dip or immerse) and outlines the biblical foundation for “believer’s baptism” as opposed to the non-biblical idea of infant baptism, sometimes called pedobaptism. He uses an acrostic of the word baptism to structure his message: Basis, Act, People, Teaching, Imperative, Signal, Motive. (Readings: John 3:22-30, Acts 2:37-42, 8:5-20, 26-30, Rom 6:1-4).(Message preached 17th Feb 2019)

Why I Am a Creationist (56 min)

PART 5 – Josh Jacob preaches on “Why I am a Creationist”. He outlines why he rejects the theory of evolution and accepts the Biblical truth of creation under five headings: personal reasons, scientific reasons, moral reasons, theological reasons and existential reasons. Josh covers a number of important topics such as the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the fixity of species and the laws of science (Message preached 10th Feb 2019)

The Great White Throne (37 min)

THE JUDGMENTS OF SCRIPTURE PART 11 – In the final part of the series, Josh Jacob outlines (from Rev 20:1-15) how the world will end – with 1. God’s judgment being poured out on the final rebellion of man at the end of the Millennium, and 2. the judgment of Satan, who is cast into the lake of fire, and 3. the judgment of the “wicked dead” whose names are not found written in the book of life. A solemn…