Sermons by Marvin Derksen

Sermons by Marvin Derksen

Two Lakes and Three Places (55 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2010 – Frank Sona preaches on two lakes: the lake of Galilee and the lake of fire. Marvin Derksen follows with a look at three places: the place of the tree, the cross and the flame (Messages preached 21st Aug 2010)

Who Is He? and Three Looks (52 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2010 – Marvin Derksen preaches solemnly on three mentions of “Who is He?” Frank Sona closes the meeting with a very effective message on the futility of “good works and religion” to save the soul (Messages preached 14th Aug 2010)

Religious But Lost (34 min)

Marvin Derksen relates the thrilling and absorbing story of his religious upbringing in the Mennonite church and how he was saved after a long struggle with self-righteousness. Born in Ontario, Canada, Marvin grew up to go to church, read the Bible at home, and give thanks for his food. He made a commitment, got baptised, joined his church, took communion, sang in the choir, and engaged in “church work”, but he knew nothing of God’s salvation. Then in 1967, Marvin’s…