Sermons by Marvin Derksen

Sermons by Marvin Derksen

Not Saved and Three Sent Things (55 min)

Marvin Derksen preaches on not saved, not far, not found and not condemned. Frank Sona closes with three sent things – a sent deterrent, a sent deliverer and a sent delusion (Messages preached 16th Aug 2010)

Who Is He? and Three Looks (52 min)

Marvin Derksen preaches solemnly on three mentions of “Who is He?” Frank Sona closes the meeting with a devastating message on the futility of good works and religion to save the soul (Messages preached 14th Aug 2010)

Three Moves and Three Births (47 min)

Marvin Derksen preaches on Noah being moved with fear, the Lord moved with compassion and hell moved to meet the sinner. Frank Sona closes with a look at three births in the Bible (Messages preached 8th Aug 2010)

We Must Needs Die and The Time is Late (53 min)

Marvin Derksen preaches on 2 Sam 14:14, “We must needs die and are as water spilt on the ground”. Frank Sona closes with a warning, “The time is late”. A touching and powerful night in the Tent (Messages preached 6th Aug 2010)
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