Sermons by Mervyn Hall (Page 11)

Sermons by Mervyn Hall (Page 11)

The World’s False Measures of Justice (30 min)

PART 10 – Mervyn Hall examines 4 of the world’s false philosophies – utilitarianism, libertarianism, Kantianism and Aristotelianism – and explains how these systems of thought have corrupted sinful man’s view of God’s justice and His judgment on sin (Message preached 13th Mar 2011)

Man’s Position Before God (26 min)

PART 5 – “What is man?” Mervyn Hall expounds on the nature of man: uniquely privileged and blessed, yet falling into a state of sin, death and condemnation through his rebellion in the garden of Eden (Message preached 6th Feb 2011)

The God-Centred Gospel (27 min)

PART 4 – Mervyn Hall expounds on the need to keep our gospel preaching “God-centred”. He includes some interesting comments on the best-selling Campus Crusade tract “The 4 Spiritual Laws” (Message preached 9th Jan 2011)

The Ecumenical Movement (29 min)

PART 10 – Mervyn Hall outlines the history of ecumenism, starting with the Oxford Movement, through the World Council of Churches to today’s widespread syncretism. He then asserts the true basis of Biblical unity (Message preached Sunday Oct 31st 2010)

The Emerging Church (28 min)

PART 8 – Mervyn Hall traces evangelical history from neo-evangelicalism, through the charismatic movement, to the Purpose Driven Church and now to the latest fad, the Rob Bell/Brian McLaren “emerging church” (Message preached Sunday Oct 3rd 2010)

The Results of Postmodernism (29 min)

PART 6 – In the second of a two-part look at postmodernism, Mervyn Hall deals with some of its results – egoism, hedonism, materialism etc. He also examines the ideology behind environmentalism (Message preached Sunday Sept 19th 2010)

The Road to Postmodernism (39 min)

PART 5 – In the first of a two-part look at postmodernism, Mervyn Hall deals with its origin and history. He traces postmodernism’s fascinating path through existentialism, relativism and pragmatism (Message preached Sunday Sept 12th 2010)

Mervyn Hall’s Testimony of Salvation (47 min)

Mervyn Hall relates his testimony of salvation. The story will impact any listener who is a sports fan. Only after nearly dying on two occasions did Mervyn finally come to an end of himself and find rest in Christ (Message preached Sunday 5th Sept 2010)

Exposition of Genesis Ch 5 and 6 (44 min)

Mervyn Hall expounds Genesis Chs 5 and 6. He outlines the background to the flood and the life of Enoch. He tackles the difficulties of ‘the sons of God’ and the ‘long ages’ of the antedeluvians (Message preached 13th May 2010)

The Grace, Mercy and Love of God (43 min)

THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD Part 4 – Mervyn Hall preaches on the love, grace and mercy of God under the following headings – love, His position; grace, His disposition and mercy, His interposition (Message preached 4th Feb 2010)

The Second Coming of Christ (42 min)

SECOND COMING OF CHRIST – Mervyn Hall expounds upon the timing and context of the Lord’s return, drawing particular attention to the pictures provided by the morning star and the sun of righteousness (Message preached 2nd April 2009)