Sermons by Nitish Patel

Sermons by Nitish Patel

Report on Wembley, London (45 min)

Nitish Patel gives an encouraging report of the Lord’s work in Wembley, London, where he is involved in an outreach to the large Asian population there and where a few souls have been saved and delivered from darkness, in the midst of discouragements and opposition (Report given 24th Apr 2014)

The Action Sermons of Jeremiah (45 min)

Nitish Patel preaches on the “action sermons of Jeremiah”. A refreshing word of ministry on a neglected portion of scripture, which includes exhortations concerning the gospel message and practical Christian living and testimony (Message preached 22nd Sept 2011)

Report on Sri Lanka (12 min)

Nitish Patel gives a short 12 minute report on the Lord’s work in Sri Lanka. It is a stirring account of recent developments in souls being saved, assemblies being planted and the truth of God spreading widely (Report given 22nd Sept 2011)

What Will You Do With Jesus? (40 min)

Nitish Patel preaches on choices made at the cross by Pilate, the chief priests, the Jews, Judas, Herod and the thief who was crucified with Jesus. What will you do with Jesus who is called Christ? (Message preached 13th December 2009)

Report on the Lord’s Work in India (39 min)

Nitish Patel gives a report of gospel work in India. He recounts stories of conversion, planting of assemblies and persecution and includes details of gospel work in Wembley, London, England (Report given Nov 16th 2006)