Sermons by Norman Mellish

Sermons by Norman Mellish

Separation in Picture and Type (47 min)

PART 2 – Norman Mellish speaks on the topic of separation from various pictures and types in the Old Testament. He draws principles of separation from Genesis Ch 1 and the creation week, from Leviticus 11 and the instructions regarding clean and unclean animals, and from Nehemiah Chs 1-6 where walls were built and the testimony of God was preserved (Message preached 3rd May 2018)

Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah (43 min)

PART 2 – Norman Mellish preaches on the wives of the patriarchs and draws out practical lessons from each one. Sarah a woman of faith; Rebekah a woman of hope; Rachel a woman of love; Leah a woman of grace. Sarah – “taught by God”; Rebekah “sought by the servant”; Rachel “wrought for by Jacob”; Leah “fought for her family”. Mr Mellish lays emphasis on seeking the mind of God and becoming a child of destiny, as well as longing to…

Motherhood – A Guide in the Home (38 min)

PART 7 – Norman Mellish speaks on the subject of “Motherhood”.  Basing his comments on Titus 2:2-3, Norman looks at six homes in the Bible and draws practical lessons about motherhood from each one. He highlights the danger of favouritism, the duty of protection and education, and the influence of godly devotion and prayer. A helpful message based on Scripture, with the benefit of decades of parental experience (Message given 20th Mar 2016)

The Holy Spirit in Romans (41 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on references to the Holy Spirit in the epistle to the Romans. Starting in Chapter 5 and concluding in Chapter 8, he develops the teaching of Paul with regard to the Holy Spirit being the power for Christian living and the One who bears witness with our spirits that we are the children of God – and if children, then heirs! (Message preached 4th Dec 2014)

The Holy Spirit in Galatians (40 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on the references to the Holy Spirit in the epistle to the Galatians. We discover that all believers receive the Holy Spirit at the point of conversion, leaving no need to “tarry for the second blessing”. Mr Mellish was in the Pentecostal movement for 5 years and speaks on these issues with a special interest (Message preached 27th Nov 2014)

The Assembly and Its Gifts (30 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on spiritual gift in the local assembly (1 Cor 12, Eph 4, Rom 12). He outlines the variety and diversity of gifts and the unity that should mark their use. Gift in the local assembly is given particular attention and practical lessons are drawn from the body metaphor in 1 Corinthians Ch 12. No superiority…no inferiority! (Message preached 15th June 2014)

The Assembly and Its Gatherings (27 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on the gatherings of the local assembly from 1 Corinthians Chs 11-16. He outlines the last few chapters of that epistle as follows: Ch 11 Gatherings, Ch 12-14 Gifts, Ch 15 Gospel and Ch 16 Giving. He explains the reason why head coverings are worn in assembly gatherings and as regards the breaking of bread he outlines “not anyone, not anywhere, not any time and not anyhow” (Message preached 8th June 2014)

King Rehoboam (37 min)

KINGS OF JUDAH Part 1 – Norman Mellish opens a series of messages on the Kings of Judah (the Southern Kingdom). He outlines the background of the era, from the days of Samuel through to Solomon, before going into greater detail as he draws out numerous pertinent lessons from the life of Rehoboam and his father Solomon (Message preached May 23rd 2013)

The Burnt Offering (49 min)

Norman Mellish introduces the offerings, and then deals with the first of them, the “burnt offering”. He emphasises that God desires worship above all, and brings out many delightful thoughts about the person of Christ from this Leviticus Ch 1 – 49 min (Message preached 13th Sept 2012)

Lessons from Moses and Pharoah (42 min)

Norman Mellish preaches a stirring and powerful message on Christian service, separation and consecration from the “excuses of Moses” and the “compromises of Pharoah” in the early chapters of Exodus (Message preached 29th Oct 2011).

7 Tests of Genuineness (31 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on “Seven tests of genuineness” from the 1st epistle of John. He challenges his audience to be sure that their talk (“If we say”) is commensurate with their walk (Message preached 28th Oct 2011).

The Discipline of Giving to the Lord (45 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on the discipline of giving, highlighting that the giving of believers should be systematic, secret, proportionate, sacrificial and cheerful. He brings out numerous helpful and practical lessons from Exodus 34 (Message preached 2nd June 2011)
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