Sermons by Terry Topley

Sermons by Terry Topley

Terry Topley’s Testimony of Salvation (38 min)

Terry Topley was born in 1961 in Co Down, Northern Ireland. As a child he had ambitions to become a Priest. Faithful to the Mass and Confession, Terry believed in the sacraments and all his church taught him. When “the troubles” began in 1969 his life was threatened and he had to move house. In his new location he got to know a Christian lady whose life and testimony made a deep impression on him. She shared the gospel with…

“What is Man?” and the Philippian Jailor (51 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Dan Gillies preaches on the question “What is man?” (Psalm 8) and finds him to be small, special, sinful, yet save-able. Terry Topley closes with a powerful warning to sinners to awake and repent, and not to tempt God to intervene with an earthquake (Messages preached 24th Aug 2011)

Two Gardens and Three Swords (42 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2011 – Dan Gillies preaches on a garden of tragedy (Eden) and a garden of triumph (the resurrection garden). Terry Topley closes with a stirring message on three swords: the swords of government, grace and goodness, from Gen 3, Zech 13 and Isa 1 (Messages preached 22nd Aug 2011)