Sermons by Tom Armstrong

Sermons by Tom Armstrong

Are You Saved? (51 min)

GOSPEL – Tom Armstrong preaches on the great matter of being “saved”. The Bible says you must be saved (Acts 4:12); it says you can be saved (John 3:17), and it tells you how to be saved (Acts 16:31). David Vallance continues with a look at salvation “in the Son” from the last few verses of John Ch 3 (Messages preached 3rd Mar 2019)

Christ in Colossians (40 min)

PART 10 – Tom Armstrong preaches on “Christ in the epistle to the Colossians” – personally, positionally and practically. He spends some profitable time looking at the various titles of Christ in Ch 1 – “His dear Son”, “the image of the invisible God”, “the head of the body”, “firstborn of all creation” etc. before taking up some of the practical challenges that the apostle Paul brings out later in the epistle (Message preached 16th Nov 2017)

Gospel – Eternal Salvation and “Jesus Saves” (52 min)

Tom Armstrong preaches on “eternal salvation” and “eternal judgement” – you need one to avoid the other. Ian Jackson follows with a message called “Jesus saves”. You don’t need “help”, or “education” or “religion”…you need to be saved! (Messages preached 19th Feb 2017)

The Local Assembly (38 min)

EASTER CONF 2016 – Tom Armstrong outlines the truth of the “local assembly” from 1 Corinthians. Look out for the 10 C’s from the epistle – community, construction, commemoration, care etc. This is a good introduction to the basics of assembly testimony, its character, function and purpose – vital truth for every believer (Message preached 28th Mar 2016)

Three Last Things (36 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong speaks on 3 last things on the final night of the Tent meetings. He gives a warning about “the last step” from 1 Sam 20:3. He speaks of the worth of “the last sacrifice” from Heb 10:12, and closes by highlighting the welcome of “the last summons” in Rev 22:17 (Message preached 19th July 2015)

The Great Physician and Power to Heal (51 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong preaches on the diagnosis of and the cure for sin from Matt 9:10-13, and sets forth Christ as the great physician. John Rogers takes up the story of the Syrian army captain Naaman and speaks of the two problems he had – his sickness and his pride. These two messages work well together and will be a help to all who listen (Messages preached 17th July 2015)

A Ransom for all and “Where is the Lamb?” (51 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong preaches on a ransom “for all” (1 Tim 2:6), “for free” (Eph 2:8-9) and for ever (Isa 51:6). John Rogers continues with a look at the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22 and draws pertinent lessons about salvation from the passage (Messages preached 14th July 2015)

“His Own Soul” and “Opportunity” (49 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong preaches on “his own soul” (Mk 8:36), “his own way (Isa 53:6) and “His own self” (1 Pet 2:24). John Rogers continues with a message on “opportunity” from the narrative of the tax collector in Luke Ch 10. Opportunity given, opportunity grasped and opportunity gone. Another pair of powerful and serious gospel messages well worth listening to (Messages given 12th July 2015)

John 3:16 and the Bruised Man (50 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong preaches on “the gospel in a nutshell” found in the text John 3:16. John Rogers speaks of 4 men in the Bible: a buried man, a burdened man, a  bruised man and a blessed man. Two plain and simple gospel messages that will be a blessing to all listeners (Messages preached 11th July 2015)

Himself for Me and “A Man Called Jesus” (50 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong preaches on Gal 2:20 “The Son of God Who loved me and gave Himself for me.” He touches on ‘the man of the cross’, ‘the motive for the cross’ and ‘the meaning of the cross’. John Rogers continues with a look at “a man called Jesus” and “the place called Calvary” and brings some powerful lessons to bear on both subjects (Messages preached 9th July 2015)

The Secret of Happiness and “the Just for the Unjust” (50 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong preaches on the secret of happiness: sins forgiven (Psa 32:1), being saved (Deut 33:29) and having one’s name in the book of life (Luke 10:20). John Rogers preaches on how a person can be brought to God – because Christ died “the just, for the unjust”. Clear, direct and forthright preaching (Messages preached 6th July 2015)

A “Word for Sinners” and a Justified Sinner (49 min)

GOSPEL TENT 2015 – Tom Armstrong preaches on “a word for sinners” (1 Tim 1:15), “a work for sinners” (Rom 5:8) and “a welcome for sinners” (Luke 15:1). John Rogers follows with a look at the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector in Luke 18. Two messages helpfully outlining why everyone needs to be saved! (Messages preached 3rd July 2015)
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