"bible" Tagged Sermons

"bible" Tagged Sermons

Obstacles to Atheism Part 2 – The Bible and Its Truth

Part 2 – Dr Bert Cargill delivers a message on “The Bible and Its truth”. Is the Bible the word of God? Can it be trusted? How do we know it hasn’t been changed over the centuries? These and other issues are addressed, as Dr. Cargill gives evidence for the reliability and truth of the Bible. 54 min PDF

QUESTIONS – The Bible and Its Truth

Part 2 – Question Time. Dr Bert Cargill answers questions on the Bible. Are there any contradictions in it? How were the books of the Bible chosen? Is the Bible anti-women? Does Genesis 1 contradict Genesis 2? How is the Bible a morally good book when it records the slaughter of the Amalekites? 15 min

Obstacles to Atheism Part 1 – The Universe and Its Origin

Part 1 – Dr Bert Cargill delivers a message on “The Universe and its Origin”. Why is there something rather than nothing? What of the Big Bang? How did life originate? Major objections to atheism are highlighted in this enlightening presentation. Bert Cargill has both a degree and a PhD in chemistry – 43 min PDF