Sermons on The Christian Worldview - 10 Audios ('10)

Sermons on The Christian Worldview - 10 Audios ('10)

The Ecumenical Movement (29 min)

PART 10 – Mervyn Hall outlines the history of ecumenism, starting with the Oxford Movement, through the World Council of Churches to today’s widespread syncretism. He then asserts the true basis of Biblical unity (Message preached Sunday Oct 31st 2010)

The New Age Movement (23 min)

PART 9 – Josh Jacob gives an in-depth look at how Western society became open to New Age thinking in the 20th century and how that led to an invasion of culture, politics and even medicine, by erroneous eastern philosophy (Message preached Sunday Oct 24th 2010)

The Emerging Church (28 min)

PART 8 – Mervyn Hall traces evangelical history from neo-evangelicalism, through the charismatic movement, to the Purpose Driven Church and now to the latest fad, the Rob Bell/Brian McLaren “emerging church” (Message preached Sunday Oct 3rd 2010)

A Biblical Worldview (24 min)

PART 7 – Michael Penfold outlines the Biblical worldview. He deals with its origin, coherence, effect and view of the world. He includes a look at the worldliness of Hollywood and the movie industry (Message preached Sunday Sept 26th 2010)

The Results of Postmodernism (29 min)

PART 6 – In the second of a two-part look at postmodernism, Mervyn Hall deals with some of its results – egoism, hedonism, materialism etc. He also examines the ideology behind environmentalism (Message preached Sunday Sept 19th 2010)

The Road to Postmodernism (39 min)

PART 5 – In the first of a two-part look at postmodernism, Mervyn Hall deals with its origin and history. He traces postmodernism’s fascinating path through existentialism, relativism and pragmatism (Message preached Sunday Sept 12th 2010)

Humanism Explained and Refuted (26 min)

PART 4 – Josh Jacob refutes humanism from a Biblical viewpoint. He explains the history, mystery and casuistry of humanism while dealing a blow to its central doctrine that man is the measure of all things (Message preached Sunday Sept 5th 2010)

6 Arguments for the Existence of God (23 min)

PART 3 – In a refutation of atheism, Michael Penfold outlines 6 arguments for the existence of God from classical apologetics – the Cosmological, Teleological, Moral, Christological, Biblical and Experiential arguments – 23 min (Message preached Sunday Aug 29th 2010)

Atheism, Agnosticism and Scepticism (21 min)

PART 2 – Josh Jacob outlines the worldviews of atheism, agnosticism and scepticism and gives Biblical answers to these systems of unbelief. He develops reasoned responses to the main arguments of atheism (Message preached Sunday July 11th 2010)

Introduction to Worldviews (23 min)

PART 1 – Michael Penfold outlines what a worldview is, and explains how the various false Western worldviews such as humanism, pragmatism and postmodernism all come under the heading of “secularism” (Message preached Sunday July 4th 2010)