Sermons on Atheists

Sermons on Atheists

Geoffrey Guile’s Testimony of Salvation (15 min)

Geoffrey Guile relates the story of his conversion to Christ. Raised a Roman Catholic and expected to regularly go to confession and the Mass, Geoffrey found his beliefs crumbling as he learnt about Darwin’s theory of evolution at secondary School. By the time he left University with a science degree he was a thorough-going atheist. However, God graciously worked in his life so that he heard the gospel message and came to saving faith in Jesus Christ (Testimony given 11th…

Terry Halpin’s Testimony of Salvation (40 min)

Terry Halpin, from London, tells how God saved him from a life of atheism and drugs through a remarkable set of circumstances. Setting out to disprove Christianity wrong, Terry actually found himself unable to refute the truth and instead realised he was a sinner in need of God’s salvation (Testimony given Sept 14th 2011)

John Hurley’s Testimony of Salvation (39 min)

John Hurley tells how he was saved in 2008 in his fifties after a long journey from Sunday School, to Marxism, heavy metal music, through a number of churches to eventual salvation in Christ (Message preached 5th April 2009)

John See’s Testimony of Salvation (37 min)

John See, from Malaysia, tells how the Lord saved him from a life of idolatry, rock music, atheism, blasphemy and sin. He also relates the thrilling story of how he came from the charismatic movement into the assembly (Message preached in 2001)