Sermons on Children

Sermons on Children

“I Tried to Solve the Puzzle of Salvation” (25 min)

Born in Trinidad, West Indies, Andrew Ussher grew up as a child of missionary parents, familiar with the gospel message. During a year’s furlough in Northern Ireland, Mr & Mrs Ussher took young Andrew to gospel meetings. In one of them Andrew heard about the final judgment from Revelation Ch 21 and for the first time in his life realised he was sinner who deserved God’s judgment – but the impression made didn’t last. The following year (1973) Andrew moved…

How I Was Saved Through Luke 19:10 (12 min)

Murray McCandless relates the story of his conversion. Raised in St Thomas, Ontario, in a Christian family, he grew up learning memory verses in Sunday School. As a child he would often ask his parents to tell him how they were saved. He was awakened to his own need of salvation at the age of 12 under the preaching of Oswald McLeod at the Sarnia Conference. He tried to get saved, but could not understand what he needed to do.…

John Fleck’s Testimony of Salvation (30 min)

John Fleck relates his story of conversion as a boy growing up in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. In addition to hearing the gospel regularly preached, John was spoken to by a number of events, including the funeral of a neighbour, and a dream about the Lord’s coming. He sought salvation and found rest and peace in Christ one cold February night alone in his room pondering the work of the Saviour on the cross for him (Testimony given 5th Jul…

Oliver Penfold’s Testimony of Conversion (48 min)

Oliver Penfold relates the story of his conversion to Christ at the age of 12 during a month of Gospel Tent meetings in Bicester in 2006 with evangelist Gene Higgins. Josh Jacob closes the meeting with a challenge from the “narrow way” in Matt 7 (Messages preached 1st Sept 2012)

Frank Sona’s Testimony of Salvation (25 min)

Frank Sona relates his story of conversion. Raised in New Jersey, USA, Frank had a childhood fascination with Judaism, but when he heard the gospel he discovered the true Messiah, the Lord Jesus (Message preached 17th Aug 2010)