Sermons on Criminals

Sermons on Criminals

“I Said the Rosary Every Night” (34 min)

Butch Paquette grew up in a drunkard’s home in a poor community in Northern Ontario, Canada. After his father left, young Butch’s mother raised 7 children alone, reciting the rosary with them each evening at bedtime. Though an altar boy in the church, Butch became a troubled young lad who ended up spending time in numerous foster homes. Life went from bad to worse, leading to a number of visits to prison. But God worked in Butch’s life and in…

Part 1 – Out of Drugs. Peter Orasuk’s Conversion (45 min)

Raised in a strict home and taught traditional values as a child, Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) got in with a rough crowd in his youth and ended up a drug addict and dealer, and eventually behind bars. His was the party lifestyle, constantly flirting with danger, always knowing his next fix could be his last. But, in 1976, by a remarkable series of events, light came into Peter’s darkness. Through the gospel message in the Bible he was completely and miraculously…

George Rassovsky’s Testimony of Salvation (24 min)

George Rassovsky relates his story of conversion at the age of 19. Growing up in a godly home in Bulgaria, George rebelled and became involved in drugs and crime. Yet he could never shake off the conviction of the truth he had heard in his childhood. Moving from Bulgaria to the UK to study, George came in contact with the gospel again and was converted to Christ in 2010. This is a joyful story of the grace of God in…

Bill Dornan’s Testimony of Salvation (21 min)

Bill Dornan narrates his personal testimony of salvation. Saved at the age of 60 in 1993, Bill was delivered from strong drink and brought to repentance and faith in Christ while waiting to be sentenced (Testimony given 28th Nov 2010)