Sermons on False Conversions

Sermons on False Conversions

Jonathan Black’s Testimony of Salvation (17 min)

Jonathan Black relates the story of his conversion to Christ at the age of 19. Raised in a Christian family, Jonathan said he was saved at 10 years of age. Despite an initial burst of enthusiasm, his life evidenced no long-term change and he ended up in his late teens a thoroughly worldly young man enjoying the pleasures of the world. However, God graciously worked in his life. He was truly saved one day while sitting in his car at…

Thomas Proctor’s Testimony of Salvation (13 min)

At one point, as a young child, Thomas Proctor thought he had been saved, after he knelt and “asked God to save him”. However, he remained without real peace and there was no change in his life. This is a common experience in children brought up in “Christian households”. Thankfully, Thomas continued to listen to regular gospel preaching and some years later discovered what was missing. Do you need to make this discovery too? (Testimony given 18th Sept 2016)

Darius Graham’s Testimony of Salvation (53 min)

Darius Graham tells how God saved him at the age of 43 in March 2013, after having lived a double life for the previous 25 years enjoying the pleasures of this world on the one hand, while all the time outwardly keeping up a pretence of being a Christian on the other. This is an encouraging and challenging story of God’s abundant grace and long suffering (Testimony given 18th May 2015)

Andrew Swan’s Testimony of Salvation (45 min)

Andrew Swan tells how God saved him as a 24 year old young man in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in the Spring of 2,000. Initially thinking he was saved at the age of 13, then being in serious soul trouble aged 18 but missing salvation, Andrew was finally brought to Christ on the last night of a month of gospel meetings with evangelist Robert McIlwaine through resting by faith on the Lord Jesus, the One who “died for me!” (Testimony…

Thomas West’s Testimony of Salvation (41 min)

Thomas West recounts his struggle to break free from a false profession to find true rest in Christ and his finished work. It’s not easy to come out and say you’re not saved when you’ve already been baptised and others view you as a Christian. An interesting, instructive and helpful testimony that God has blessed to many (Testimony given Sept 9th 2007)

David Castles’s Testimony of Salvation (48 min)

David Castles tells how, while at Oxford University, he realised he was not truly saved, though he had thought he was for a good number of years. His self-deception was slowly but surely uncovered and he was eventually delivered through the preaching of the gospel and the Holy Spirit’s application of the word of God to his soul (Testimony given in 2002)