Sermons on Religious People

Sermons on Religious People

Clive Barber’s Testimony of Salvation (61 min)

Baptised as an 8 day old baby and given communion from 6 months old, Clive Barber spent the first 17 years of his life in a legalistic religious sect that held Christian meetings every day of the year. However, in all that time, Clive never learned he was a lost sinner in need of God’s salvation. Excommunicated and told to leave his home at age 17 (for infringing the sect’s rules), Clive turned against Christ, the Bible and Christians. He…

Kamil Golebiewska’s Testimony of Salvation (7 min)

Raised a Roman Catholic in Poland, Kamil Golebiewska grew up wishing he was as godly as Pope John Paul II. However, after coming to the UK at the age of 20, Kamil stopped going to church. He later took up attending another church and was even baptised, but had still never been born again. After attending a series of gospel meetings in a Gospel Tent in 2017 Kamil finally understood he was a lost and helpless sinner – but that…

Mr. Seongmin Jeon’s Testimony of Salvation (6 min)

Though raised in a Christian family, the son of a Pastor, and a faithful tithe-paying member of a Presbyterian Church, Mr Seongmin Jeon did not know he needed to be saved if he was ever going to be in heaven. He learned his need, as a lost sinner, through the witness of his wife, and found salvation in Christ and assurance of salvation through Hebrews 9:12, a verse which speaks of eternal redemption obtained once for all by the Lord…

Geoffrey Guile’s Testimony of Salvation (15 min)

Geoffrey Guile relates the story of his conversion to Christ. Raised a Roman Catholic and expected to regularly go to confession and the Mass, Geoffrey found his beliefs crumbling as he learnt about Darwin’s theory of evolution at secondary School. By the time he left University with a science degree he was a thorough-going atheist. However, God graciously worked in his life so that he heard the gospel message and came to saving faith in Jesus Christ (Testimony given 11th…

Michael Martin’s Testimony of Salvation (9 min)

Raised in a Roman Catholic orphanage in Bombay, India, Michael Martin harboured aspirations after the Priesthood. However, his life took a different turn and he ended up hearing the gospel preached by the late evangelist Michael Browne, of Bath, England. After a struggle, Michael Martin finally understood that Scripture is inspired and authoritative, while “Church tradition” is just man-made. Convicted of his sin, Michael came to trust in Christ alone for salvation (Testimony given 6th Mar 2016)

Wyn Williams’ Testimony of Salvation (44 min)

Wyn Williams was raised in a Calvinistic Methodist Chapel in South Wales until he was 18 years of age, but never once heard the gospel there! However, by the gracious providence of God his employment took him to Scotland where a nurse witnessed to him and brought him to gospel meetings. Wyn realised he was a sinner and trusted in Christ for salvation (Testimony given 12th Jan 2014)

Terry Topley’s Testimony of Salvation (38 min)

Terry Topley tells of his deliverance from Romanism. Raised in Ireland to believe in the Mass, confession, Mary Queen of heaven and purgatory, Terry was converted to Christ through the preaching of the gospel – salvation by faith alone, through grace alone, in Christ alone (Testimony given 25th Aug 2011)

Eddie Geary’s Testimony of Salvation (23 min)

In 2004 Eddie Geary came to Bicester in his 90th year and told how God saved him 70 years ago as a self-righteous young man who wanted to be a minister. His accent isn’t the easiest to understand, but this is a great story.