Sermons on Soldiers and Police

Sermons on Soldiers and Police

The Story of the Two Crosses (36 min)

Tim Coltman tells the life story of his great grand-father William Coltman (VC, DCM & Bar, MM & Bar), the most highly decorated non-commissioned officer of World War 1 (British Army). Coltman, a believer in Christ, would not take up arms, but served as a stretcher bearer on the battle fields in France and Belgium. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for valour in the saving of lives; but his greater interest lay in “the cross of Christ” through which…

Stan Burditt’s Testimony of Salvation (44 min)

Stan Burditt tells the remarkable story of his and his wife’s conversion to Christ while in the Royal Air Force, back in the 1950’s. This is a most interesting and quite amazing story that powerfully illustrates the power of the gospel to change lives (Testimony given 31st July 2011)

Michael Browne’s Testimony of Salvation (37 min)

Michael Browne, former Royal Marine Commando, relates the story of how God saved him in the jungles of Malaya in 1951 through a most remarkable set of circumstances, including finding tracts between sandwiches and watching a film about Samson and Delilah because it was the only English speaking film available to watch (Preached 15th June 2008, however, due to a technical hitch on the night, this is actually a recording of a previous occasion)

Ken Fillis’s Testimony of Salvation (17 min)

Ken Fillis was a policeman in the RUC during the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and 80s. He was preserved through it all and finally saved in 2,000 when in his 40s. A touching story (Message preached Sunday 27th April 2008)