Sermons on Teens and Twenties

Sermons on Teens and Twenties

Bill Black’s Testimony of Salvation (40 min)

Bill Black grew up in a religious home in Northern Ireland but knew nothing about God’s way of salvation. Moving to Perth, Scotland (photo above), to work in the Health Service, he met a young lady called Anna who was later to become his wife (whose godly mother was praying daily for the salvation of both of them). The Lord answered those prayers when Bill met a young man called Jim Legge who preached the gospel to him (Jim would…

Aaron Callaghan’s Testimony of Salvation (24 min)

Aaron Callaghan tells his story of conversion to Christ while at University in 2013. Growing up in a Christian family and taken to gospel meetings from childhood, Aaron’s story demonstrates conclusively that “knowing the facts” of the gospel is not enough. Aaron wanted to go to University far from home in order to get away from the influence of the gospel – but God overruled his circumstances and Aaron was graciously brought to repentance and faith in Christ (Testimony given…

David Hutchinson’s Testimony of Salvation (45 min)

David Hutchinson relates his story of conversion at the age of 16. Growing up in a Christian family in Northern Ireland, David knew the Scriptures from young age. However, when he reached the 6th form at School he felt drawn to the world. In His wonderful grace, God overruled David’s choice to neglect the gospel and brought him back to reality – whereupon he faced up to his need and guilt as a sinner, and trusted in Christ through the…

George Rassovsky’s Testimony of Salvation (24 min)

George Rassovsky relates his story of conversion at the age of 19. Growing up in a godly home in Bulgaria, George rebelled and became involved in drugs and crime. Yet he could never shake off the conviction of the truth he had heard in his childhood. Moving from Bulgaria to the UK to study, George came in contact with the gospel again and was converted to Christ in 2010. This is a joyful story of the grace of God in…

David Montgomery’s Testimony of Salvation (33 min)

David Montgomery relates the story of how he was saved while studying at Warwick University in the UK. David was brought up in ceremonial Christianity (christening, confirmation, communion etc.), but was ignorant of the gospel of the grace of God. However, he did know he was a guilty sinner, and the first time he heard the gospel message at University he “asked Christ into his life”, thereafter coming to an understanding that his confidence is in Christ alone for salvation,…

Jim Wishart’s Testimony of Salvation (10 min)

Jim Wishart relates his story of conversion on July 1st 1950, 65 years ago. Awakened through the words of a solemn gospel hymn, Mr Wishart knew he needed a firm foundation for eternity. This he found through the words of Isaiah 53:6 – “All we, like sheep have gone astray, we have turned – every one [of us] to his own way – and the LORD hath laid on Him [Jesus Christ] the iniquity of us all”  (Testimony given 7th…

Robert Plant’s Testimony of Salvation (45 min)

Robert Plant relates his life story and his conversion to Christ. Raised without religion, Robert’s main interests were Cricket (he is a Yorkshireman) and Country & Western Music. A friend at School, who was mocked and ridiculed for his Christian beliefs, spoke to Robert about salvation and gave him gospel booklets to read. Listen to the wonderful story of the grace of God to Robert as the Holy Spirit moved to open his understanding to see that Christ is the…

Tim Cawte’s Testimony of Salvation (22 min)

Tim Cawte tells of his conversion as a teenager. Knowing he was a sinner who needed to be saved, his main problem was, “How can I ever know for sure that I am saved?” He made a number of attempts at being saved, but every time the doubts kept coming back as strong as ever. He reflects, “I was trying my best to help God save me. Trying to believe in the right way, but I never knew for sure.”…

David West’s Testimony of Salvation (17 min)

David West tells of his conversion to Christ in 1959 in Essex, England. Though greatly influenced by Sunday School teachers in his childhood, it wasn’t until his late teens that David was saved, by which time sport had become “an idol in my life”. Challenged one evening by the words, “Young man, it’s about time you were saved” David trusted Christ shortly thereafter (Testimony given 21st July 2013)

Derek Lam’s Testimony of Salvation (22 min)

Derek Lam relates how he was converted to Christ soon after emigrating to Canada as a teenager with his family. Derek has an interesting background involving Malaysia, Switzerland and the UK, but he didn’t hear the gospel until he landed in Vancouver and was invited to the Gospel Hall by a neighbour. He was saved the first week he ever heard the gospel message! (Testimony given 7th July 2013)

Theodore Chaisson’s Testimony of Salvation (24 min)

Theodore Chaisson, a former Roman Catholic from Cape Breton Island, Canada, relates his story of conversion as a 24 year old young man back in the 1970’s, after hearing the gospel for the very first time. Theodore had a wholesome God-fearing childhood, but at college he went into drugs and ended up disillusioned and empty. Then a Christian witnessed to him and gave him a Bible…and the Lord saved him that same day! (Testimony given 7th April 2013)

Scott Hayes’s Testimony of Salvation (22 min)

Scott Hayes from Iowa, USA, relates how as a proud 17-year-old basketball and motorcross enthusiast he was first awakened to his need of a Saviour through the tragic death of an uncle. Scott was finally humbled and converted to Christ during a series of gospel meetings in which around 40 others were also saved in Stout, Iowa, under the preaching of Albert Hull and Gaius Goff in the 1970’s (Testimony given 17th March 2013)
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