Sermons on A Complete Theology of the Gospel - 35 Audios (2011)

Sermons on A Complete Theology of the Gospel - 35 Audios (2011)

4 Words for Preaching the Gospel (28 min)

PART 35 – David Castles outlines the 4 different words the apostle Paul uses for “preaching” in 1 Corinthians Ch 1 and exhorts his audience to be interested and involved in the communication of the gospel message to a needy world (Message preached 11th Aug 2013)

The Call to Witnessing (27 min)

PART 34 – Josh Jacob issues an impassioned appeal to be fervent unashamed personal witnesses for Christ. He includes a stirring account of the life and death of David Livingstone as an example for us to follow (Message preached 23rd Oct 2011).

Preaching the Gospel Part 2 (25 min)

PART 33 – Michael Penfold gives guidance on preparing and delivering gospel messages. He describes the three main categories of gospel messages, and the three essential parts each message must have. He gives pointers as to how to effectively preach with repentance and faith as the desired result (Message preached 16th Oct 2011).

Preaching the Gospel Part 1 (27 min)

PART 32 – Michael Penfold gives Biblical counsel on gospel preaching and holding an audience’s attention. He describes the necessary attitude and bearing of the preacher, a man who will feel the burden of the message, and whose preaching must be scriptural, serious, simple and structured (Message preached 9th Oct 2011)

Sanctification (20 min)

PART 31 – Jonathan Black preaches on sanctification, which he explains is the result of and proof of a person’s justification. He challenges his audience to examine their separation unto the Lord and their effectiveness as a vessel in His hands (Mesage preached 2nd Oct 2011)

Eternal Security (31 min)

PART 30 – Mervyn Hall preaches on the eternal security of the believer. He deals with the oft-raised objection, “If a person is ‘once saved always saved’, doesn’t that mean they can live as they like and still go to heaven”? (Message preached 25th Sept 2011)

How Can I be Sure I am Saved (27 min)

PART 29 – Michael Penfold addresses the question “How can I be sure I am saved?” He explains that the work of Christ secures salvation, the word of God settles salvation and the witness of the Spirit seals salvation. Blessed assurance – Christ’s work for us, God’s word to us and the Spirit’s witness in us! (Message preached 18th Sept 2011)

What is “Coming to Christ”? (22 min)

PART 28 – From the parable of the sower, Michael Penfold preaches on what it means to truly “come to Christ”. Not a physical act, nor a mere mental act, not a mystical act, nor even a mere “decision”, but a definite resting on the person and work of Christ for salvation (Message preached 11th Sept 2011)

What Does it Mean to Believe? (26 min)

PART 27 – Mervyn Hall addresses the question, “What does it mean to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ?” He explains the concept of “receiving Christ” and outlines what is involved in the sinner trusting in Christ for salvation (Message preached 4th Sept 2011)

What is Faith? (20 min)

PART 26 – Josh Jacob outlines the meaning of faith. Its subject, source, scheme and strategy. He cautions against using analogies such as “trusting a chair will hold you up” as an illustration of saving faith (Message preached 28th Aug 2011)

Entering the Narrow Gate (24 min)

PART 25 – Michael Penfold preaches on what sinners forsake as they enter the narrow door at the start of the narrow way: self-righteousness, self-will, sin as the wilful practice of the life and heart-attachment to the world (Message preached 7th Aug 2011)

The Meaning of Repentance (24 min)

PART 24 – Mervyn Hall preaches on the vital subject of “repentance”. A definition, the doctrine and the demands of repentance. By way of illustration he contrasts the repentance of the prodigal son with the mere regret of Judas (Message preached 31st July 2011)