Sermons on John's Three Tests - 4 Audios ('14)

Sermons on John's Three Tests - 4 Audios ('14)

The Moral Test (35 min)

PART 4 – Michael Penfold outlines the apostle John’s “moral test”. In three distinct passage of 1st John the apostle emphasises that someone claiming to be born of God cannot live a life of habitual, serious wilful sin. Believers can and do sin (1 John 2:2), but cannot continue in their old behaviour as before (3:9-10) (Message preached 13th Apr 2014)

The Social Test (25 min)

PART 3 – Joshua Jacob outlines the apostle John’s “social test”. True believers, in contrast to the false teachers who cared not for the flock, will love one another and exhibit a care and concern that marks them out as belonging to Christ. If they love “Him Who begat” they will also love those “begotten of Him” (Message preached 6th Apr 2014)

The Doctrinal Test (24 min)

PART 2 – Mervyn Hall explains the apostle John’s “doctrinal test” which is set out in three cycles in John’s 1st epistle – Christ’s deity, His humanity and His ability. Mervyn emphasises some vital issues regarding Christ’s humanity. Christ was not a superman, nor a God-man, but a real man, God manifest in flesh. He helpfully notes that although believers are indwelt by the Spirit, God is not “incarnate” in His people (Message preached 30th Mar 2014)

John’s Three Tests (25 min)

PART 1 – Michael Penfold introduces the subject of the apostle John’s “three tests”. In his epistles John outlines a moral test, a social test and a doctrinal test. These tests provide assurance to true believers, but sound an alarm to “false believers”, in particular the false teachers who were denying that Jesus is the Christ come in flesh (Message preached 23rd Mar 2014)