Sermons on Preaching and Evangelism

Sermons on Preaching and Evangelism

One to One Witnessing (42 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 6 – Eric Baijal encourages all believers to be personal witnesses. We have not fulfilled the great commission by merely attending a Sunday evening gospel meeting! We should be personally bringing the gospel into our street, our workplace and our circle of friends and contacts. We can do this by using opportunities (Acts 11:19-21), using hospitality (Acts 18:24-28) and using “prophecy” (Acts 8:26-39). In doing so we should be prayerful, intentional and walking in fellowship with…

Sunday School Work (41 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 5 – Based on over 25 years of experience in full time work mainly among children and young people, Robert Plant gives helpful guidance about how to conduct Sunday Schools and ‘children’s meetings’. Most importantly, Robert emphasises that our foundation must be the Word of God, with the salvation of the young as the ultimate goal. Then, among other things, Robert gives tips on behaviour management, on maintaining children’s attention, and on the use of object…

The Primacy of Preaching – Part 2 (44 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 4 – Michael Penfold addresses the question: is a “gospel meeting” a scriptural meeting? After outlining the history of how distinct regular gospel-preaching meetings have almost died out in the West, Michael sets out a scriptural case for continuing to hold them, both indoors and outdoors, based 1. on the meaning of the word “gospel” in the New Testament and 2. on the examples of Peter and Paul in the book of Acts. Readings: Mark 16:15,…

The Primacy of Preaching – Part 1 (45 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 3 – After outlining what the Bible means by “preaching”, Mervyn Hall shows from Scripture that God intends His gospel to be communicated through “public proclamation”. He takes time to answer the objection of many that “plain preaching” is less effective than other methods of communication more favoured in our culture. In our attempts at bridge-building with the lost, we need to keep the main thing the main thing. Readings: 1 Tim 4:1-5, Rom 1:16-19, 1…

Motivations and Hindrances (47 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 2 – Cameron Piper preaches on “motivations and hindrances” in gospel work. He highlights two main motivations: the glory of God and, love for souls. Among the hindrances he highlights are; being too busy, becoming too tied up with financial commitments, fear of embarrassment, laziness, uncleanness and prayerlessness. A challenging message (Message preached 8th Sept 2019)

The Call (38 min)

FOCUS ON EVANGELISM Part 1 – Josh Jacob preaches on the urgent and scriptural requirement for every single believer to be interested in and to actively pursue the salvation of others. After speaking on the value of “one soul” Josh looks at the programme, passion, power and promise contained in Psalm 126:6 “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him” (Message preached 1st Sept 2019)

Gospel Work (35 min)

EASTER CONF 2016 – Dan Shutt preaches on “gospel work”. He highlights the necessity of public preaching, the superiority of preaching, the need for a discreet gospel meeting rather than a “family Bible hour” that confuses teaching for Christians with preaching the gospel. He also includes sound advice to help us bring others to hear the gospel and suggest ways in which we can influence our neighbours for Christ (Message preached 31st Mar 2016)

4 Words for Preaching the Gospel (28 min)

PART 35 – David Castles outlines the 4 different words the apostle Paul uses for “preaching” in 1 Corinthians Ch 1 and exhorts his audience to be interested and involved in the communication of the gospel message to a needy world (Message preached 11th Aug 2013)

Preparation and Preaching (51 min)

Ian Jackson gives wise and challenging counsel on how to prepare for handling the word of God, and how to publicly preach it. He speaks of the essential preparation of both the soul of the preacher, and the sermon itself. He distinguishes between “speaking” and “preaching”. Included is advice on how to structure a message, the use of notes, the need for eye contact, a hearty spirit, clarity, humility and other vital ingredients (Message preached 11th Feb 2012)

Preaching the Gospel Part 2 (25 min)

PART 33 – Michael Penfold gives guidance on preparing and delivering gospel messages. He describes the three main categories of gospel messages, and the three essential parts each message must have. He gives pointers as to how to effectively preach with repentance and faith as the desired result (Message preached 16th Oct 2011).

Preaching the Gospel Part 1 (27 min)

PART 32 – Michael Penfold gives Biblical counsel on gospel preaching and holding an audience’s attention. He describes the necessary attitude and bearing of the preacher, a man who will feel the burden of the message, and whose preaching must be scriptural, serious, simple and structured (Message preached 9th Oct 2011)

Why God Chose Preaching (21 min)

PART 3 – Michael Penfold sets forth numerous reasons why drama is an unsuitable method of communicating the gospel, and explains why God specifically ordained the means of “preaching” (Message preached 21st Nov 2010)
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