Sermons on Special Topics

Sermons on Special Topics

Introduction to the Offerings (47 min)

David Gilliland gives a very helpful “introduction to the offerings”. He takes an overview of the topic of sacrifice in Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus before discussing how, when and where Israelites brought sacrifices. The sacrifices were costly and heavy and taught serious lessons to those who brought them. David discusses the issue of forgiveness and atonement in relation to the Old Testament sacrifices. Were Old Testament offerers really forgiven, and if so how? Finally he discusses the different types of…

The Mark of the Beast (41 min)

Sam Jennings preaches on the topic of what the Bible calls “the mark of the beast” (666), which is mentioned 8x in the book of Revelation. This mark will be introduced in the tribulation period after the rapture of the church, once the antichrist is on the scene. Mr Jennings asks two questions: 1. What is the mark of the beast? and 2. Why will there be a mark of the beast? He suggests it is a literal visible mark…

How We Got Our Bible (58 min)

David Gilliland gives a 58 minute overview of how the King James Version of the Bible came to be. Starting with how God gave the original Scriptures in Hebrew and Greek, Mr Gilliland works through the centuries up until when the Bible was translated into English – first, from the Latin, by John Wycliffe, and finally from the Greek by the martyr William Tyndale. Then the fascinating story of how the King James Bible came to be produced and eventually…

3 Dangers When Leaving Home (38 min)

Elton Fairfield addresses the issue of “leaving home” and what young people will face at University and in the workplace. He preaches using 3 headings: “a lesson in immorality” (Joseph, Gen 39), “a lesson in identity” (Esther, Est 2-4), and “a lesson in idolatry” (Daniel, Dan 1:1-8). How will you cope with Fresher’s week, the internet, relationships, meeting attendance and so much more when the time comes to “leave home”? Elton gives helpful, succinct and plain advice that will benefit…

What is “That Which Is Perfect”? (48 min)

Dan Rudge tackles the difficult question “What is ‘that which is perfect’?” from 1 Corinthians 13:10. He contends that Paul is referring to the completed canon of Scripture, rather than Christ or heaven, and gives sound biblical reasons for his view (Message preached 22nd Nov 2018)

Is the Trinity a Bible Doctrine? (42 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the doctrine of the Trinity – God in three persons. He explains that the Lord Jesus is not “part of God”. Each person in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is wholly, equally, simultaneously and fully God. Mervyn exposes Arianism, modalism and tri-theism, and identifies their modern proponents. He also explains why illustrating the Trinity using examples such as the sun, water, clover or an egg, is misleading and liable to reinforce ancient…

The Fashion of the World (44 min)

After establishing the fact that the Bible is concerned with the outward appearance of God’s people, Michael Penfold outlines 10 scriptural “guiding principles” by which to judge issues like clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, piercing and tattoos. Scripture readings: Prov 6:24-25, 7:10, Eze 23:40, 44, 1 Tim 2:8-10, 1 Pet 3:3-4 (Message preached 7th Jun 2018)

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? (44 min)

After listing 6 reasons why God gave the Sabbath, Michael Penfold proves that the Saturday Sabbath was a ceremonial, not a moral law, and that it was not instituted until Sinai. It was a “shadow” that gave way to the “substance” at the coming of Christ. He also looks at why believers meet on Sundays today, which the Bible calls “the Lord’s Day” (Message preached 13th May 2018)

A Biblical Look at the Gender Issue (66 min)

David Vallance brings Scriptural teaching to bear on topical issues such as equality, feminism, patriarchy, homosexuality and transgenderism. Starting in Genesis 1:27 he expounds the binary nature of gender, and from 1 Tim 2 and 1 Cor 11 explains the different roles God has given men and women, based on the pattern of Christ and His Church. He also explains how the symbols of long/short hair, and covered/uncovered head are to be understood in relation to this foundational topic (Message…

Movies, Social Media and the Christian (47 min)

Should Christians watch movies? Should Christians be on social media? Michael Penfold applies the timeless principles of the Word of God to these two issues. He discusses content, worldviews, actors, acting and fiction in relation to movies, and privacy, addiction, depression and narcissism re. social media. With adult Americans spending an average of 10 hours and 39 minutes of each day on leisure screen time, this is one of the greatest challenges of our times (Message preached 22nd Mar 2018)

Here I Stand – I Can Do No Other (45 min)

In a wide ranging biographical message, David Gilliland traces the life of the Reformer Martin Luther and in particular homes in on the courageous and history-making “sola scriptura” stand that he took at the Diet of Worms in April of 1521, which Mr Gilliland proposes was the pivotal moment in the Reformation (Message preached 17th Apr 2017)

Where Do The Dead Go? (36 min)

Michael Penfold asks, “Where do people go at death?”; “Where did Christ go at death?”  and “What is the future resurrection programme for the Church, Israel and the ‘wicked dead’?” He deals with a number of false ideas such as annihilation, reincarnation, purgatory, soul-sleep and universalism. He also critiques the two-compartment theory (Message preached 3rd Jan 2016)
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